Top 9 ASO Marketing Agencies In USA to Consider for Your Mobile App

ASO Marketing Agencies In USA

Over the last five years, I have collaborated with more than seven ASO marketing agencies in the US to grow my eCommerce business. Technologies are evolving, and mobile apps are becoming more powerful with each update. Amidst fierce competition raging in the eCommerce domain, I have been experimenting with different app store optimization services. In this guide, I am going to review some of the best agencies in the US that I have worked with during my journey.

ASO (app store optimization) involves fine-tuning the visibility of your business app on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. This implies that potential users can discover your app more easily. The top app store optimization company would provide a holistic range of services, including keyword optimization, enhancing the description of the app, including user reviews, and much more. 

For mobile apps, ASO is important because it enhances the visibility of the tool amidst thousands of other similar apps. After working with some of the best ASO marketing agencies, I also witnessed an organic growth in downloads. Besides, better optimization and description of my eCommerce store app provided us with a competitive edge. Users found this app valuable, thanks to the optimization and better product descriptions.

From my experience, I highly recommend businesses to hire experts providing app store optimization services due to their technical expertise, marketing insights, efficiency, and measurable results.

What services do ASO agencies provide?

The top ASO marketing agencies are known for their comprehensive packages to enhance the visibility of your app in the marketplace. These agencies provide the following services within their package:

1. Keyword optimization ASO: agencies carry out in-depth keyword research and identify high-performing keywords in your industry. Then they strategically incorporate these keywords into the description, title, and metadata of the app to enhance search rankings.

2. App store listing optimization: Agencies providing app store optimization services help in listing these tools better on app stores. They create eye-catching visuals and compelling descriptions along with screenshots and app icons. These entice potential customers to download the app.

3. Competitor analysis: When I hired a top app store optimization company, they analyzed my eCommerce competitors to understand their strategies. Next, they devised some tactics that helped us outperform them.

4. Localization: Some app store optimization experts also offer localization of services to ensure a global reach. They incorporate suitable keywords and draft content for your app to target different languages and markets.

5. Managing user reviews: When you list your app on a marketplace like Google Play Store, it’s imperative to have positive ratings. ASO agencies help in screening the positive reviews and displaying them to customers.

6. A/B testing: For our eCommerce app, one of the ASO marketing agencies carried out A/B testing, considering different elements like images, descriptions, and titles. By identifying the best strategy, we could drive better conversions.

7. Analytics and reporting: Leading companies specializing in ASO use analytics tools to track the performance of your app. These experts provided me with detailed reports and insights, helping us make data-driven decisions.

8. Strategic updates: There’s no denying that industry trends are evolving and app store algorithms are changing. Working with trusted ASO marketing agencies ensures that your strategy remains updated and effective.

9. App promotion: We counted on two of these ASO agencies to promote our eCommerce app in the early stages of our business. This significantly increased the number of downloads, thanks to the paid campaigns.

10. Ad management: ASO experts can help you stay informed about the best practices in the industry that can improve the ranking of your app.

Top 9 ASO Marketing Agencies in the USA

1. Moburst

This is an award-winning global agency for app store optimization. A leader in-app marketing, they provide a wide range of services like mobile consulting, user acquisition, and creative services. I came to know that some of the established brands across the world seek their services. These include YouTube, Google, and Samsung, among others.
Moburst works on a creative and data-driven approach. This allows clients to enhance their products and maximize their KPIs. Apart from being one of the best ASO marketing agencies, they specialize in:

  • PPC management
  • content creation
  • SEO
  • email marketing
  • Social media management
  • User Acquisition
  • Branding
  • Website optimization
  • Mobile app performance marketing

Pricing models and packages: Starting from $5000

2. Phiture

Image- Phiture. com

Picture offers reliable app store optimization services, and I particularly appreciate their efforts to provide realistic data insights. They have a competitive team that works on the strategies and try to optimize the cost per acquisition. 
For our eCommerce app, they deployed a full-funnel strategy. The experts consider mobile app subscription growth as a comprehensive endeavor. The professionals excel in tailoring customized packages to address specific challenges. 
Their strategies include:

  • Apple Search Ads
  • Google Ad campaigns
  • Paid Social channels
  • User Acquisition audit

Pricing model and packages: Custom packages are available

3. The ASO Project

Image- www. theasoproject. com

We worked with The ASO Project back in 2021 when we desperately needed to boost our organic growth. This company offers excellent app store optimization services. They developed a comprehensive optimization strategy for us, thanks to their dedicated team of ASO experts, designers, mobile strategists, search ad specialists, and video editors.
For us, this company went the extra mile as they offered Apple search advertisement management services that featured a dedicated platform with custom automation support. This platform offered us a wide range of services, that includes:

  • Discovering keywords
  • Budget adjustments
  • Bid management
  • Ad scheduling

Pricing models and packages offered: Customized packages suitable for all types of businesses

4. AppTweak

Image- www. apptweak. com

AppTweak has emerged as a top app store optimization company, and I was impressed with its approach to leveraging data science. I had learned that leading companies like Amazon, Yelp, and Adobe have been collaborating with this service provider. So, last year, after we had consolidated our eCommerce venture, we decided to collaborate with a company with a little higher budget.

The user-friendly experts astounded us with actionable insights after auditing our existing app. They recommended simplifying the design of our app and enhancing the transparency of details presented on the app store.

Here’s what I liked about this agency providing app store optimization services:

  • Single platform specializing in ASO ads and marketing
  • They don’t rely on third-party data providers
  • The company sources data from app stores directly
  • Backed by deep learning algorithms
  • Identifies growth opportunities for clients

Pricing models and packages offered: Suitable for clients with large budgets.

5. SplitMetrics

If you are a developer or an advertiser, I highly recommend SplitMetrics as one of the best ASO marketing agencies. They have a robust ecosystem for mobile marketing solutions. Particularly, clients looking for Apple Search optimization and automation would find their solutions valuable.
Being a top app store optimization company, they carry out essential tasks like full-funnel optimization, provide market insights, and set automated alerts. We found their services immensely beneficial while marketing our services to Apple users.

What I liked about them include:

  • Specialization in Apple Search Ads
  • Ability to boost app performance at different stages
  • Comprehensive mobile marketing solutions
  • Support for advertisers and developers

Pricing models and packages: Custom pricing model

6. DigiSalad

Image- Linkedin

Besides being one of the leading ASO marketing agencies, DigiSalad offers comprehensive digital marketing services. At the initial stages of our journey, we worked with them for a few months, and their strategies really clicked for us. From technology to execution and measurement to management of your metrics, the experts take care of everything.

The commitment of DigiSalad to innovation and holistic solutions for mobile marketing delivers a better experience to users. Businesses looking forward to enhance the visibility of their app should reach out to these professionals.
They specialize in:

  • Providing comprehensive ASO solutions
  • Innovative strategies
  • Packages for different businesses
  • Specialization in eCommerce

Pricing models and packages offered: Custom solutions available

7. Shyftup

One of the best ASO marketing agencies based in San Francisco. this company specializes in user acquisition. It continues to be a leading agency helping clients grow the visibility of their mobile apps. The approach of these professionals involves delivering a substantial ROI. Some of the reputed companies seeking their services include AllTrails, Personal Capital, and Evernote.

Shyftup is yet another company that helped us gain organic growth in downloads. Their tactical blend of continuous testing and keyword optimization boosted the visibility of our eCommerce app. The professionals recommended high-volume keywords and long-tail ones. In the process, they localized our app to effectively customize the strategy for diverse markets.
This company walks the extra mile, providing:

  • Competitive analysis
  • Data-driven tactics
  • Keyword optimization
  • Continuous testing

Pricing models and packages offered: Customized packages are available

8. SEO Brand

Image- Linkedin

SEO Brand is a reputed agency offering app store optimization services. They have built a strong reputation for themselves by offering data-driven services. Besides, they collaborate with businesses of all sizes, ranging from startups to corporate giants.
A strategic advantage of working with this company lies in the availability of their multilingual staff. They are proficient in different fields of advertisement. 

The company comes with a wealth of resources, and its capable team can deliver high levels of optimization for your app. They recommended some high-level solutions to us to optimize our eCommerce platform.
The key benefits of working with them are:

  • Availability of data-driven strategies
  • Analytics overview for calculated decisions
  • Competence in diverse fields
  • Cost-effective strategies

Pricing models and packages offered: Suitable packages for businesses of all sizes

9. MintTwist

Image- www. minttwist. com


An award-winning company offering app store optimization services, this company has an extensive range of services that includes SEO and ASO services. Besides, we worked with them on UX design and upgrading our eCommerce app.

The professionals use different ASO techniques to boost organic downloads. Thanks to the sophisticated technologies they employ, our app enjoyed better visibility within a few months of seeking their service.

Key benefits of hiring the services of MintTwist include:

  • Client-centric approach
  • A comprehensive set of offerings
  • Innovative ASO techniques
  • Stronger digital presence

Pricing models and packages offered: Custom quotes available


Now that you have come to know the names of the nine best ASO marketing agencies in the US, you can reach out to any of them depending on your industry and budget. We have covered agencies providing app store optimization services to both small and large companies. Working with one of these service providers, you can grow the visibility and organic growth of your platform.

When you plan to hire an agency for ASO marketing, consider your budget, goals, and the level of service you need. For instance, you may need data-driven insights, comprehensive solutions, or expertise in acquiring users. Look out for the top app store optimization company to grow the online visibility of your platform on Google Play Store and other marketplaces.