7 Reasons Why Your App Needs An ASO Agency

It can be difficult to distinguish and attract consumers in the congested mobile app market of today. App Store optimization, or ASO, can assist with that. ASO is the process of improving an app’s exposure and visibility in the app stores by optimizing its metadata, including its title, outline, keywords, and images. It takes a thorough grasp of the app’s demographics, competitors, and keywords to optimize an app’s metadata through ASO.

What are ASO (App Store Optimization) agencies?

ASO (App Store Optimization) is the process of improving the visibility and conversion rate of a mobile app or game, as well as its listing and product, to boost organic downloads on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store and lower the cost of user acquisition.

Differences between ASO and SEO 

ASO: The practice of optimizing an app’s information, including its title, description or keywords, and images, to increase its exposure and discoverability in an app store is known as ASO (App Store Optimization). By facilitating consumers’ discovery of an app when searching for or browsing the app store, ASO seeks to enhance an app’s organic downloads.

SEO: The technique of optimizing a website or online content for search engine results pages is known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization). (SERPs). By raising the caliber and relevancy of a website’s content, SEO seeks to enhance organic traffic to that site. An important marketing channel is SEO. First and foremost, organic search accounts for 53% of the total traffic to a website.

The following are the differences between ASO and SEO:

  • The main goal of SEO is to optimize site content so that it ranks first in search results on all of the major search engines. The goal of ASO, on the other hand, is to increase the exposure and download rates of apps in online marketplaces like the Apple App Store as well as the Google Play Store.
  • While SEO aims to increase website traffic and clicks, ASO aims to increase app discoverability and encourage more downloads.
  • The rivalry is different in the search engine results pages and the app store. In the app store, there are often fewer apps in a given category than there are web pages in that same area. As a result, there may be a greater rivalry for rankings in search engine results.
  • The on-page components of an app’s listing in the app store, such as the app title, description, screenshots, and videos, are the main focus of ASO. On the opposite hand, SEO focuses on improving a website’s on-page components,
  • Off-page features like user ratings, reviews, etc downloads are primarily the emphasis of ASO. These elements can significantly affect an app’s rating by indicating its popularity and usefulness. In contrast, SEO places a greater emphasis on enhancing off-page components like backlinks, signals from social media, and brand mentions, which reveal a website’s authority and reliability.

NOTE: If you want to maximize your results, use both SEO and ASO whether you’re launching a new app or updating an old website.

Why does your app need ASO? Show 7 reasons :

Specialized knowledge and skills in app store optimization, including the most recent best practices, tools, and tactics, are available from an ASO agency. They can assist you in creating an engaging app title, outline, and images that appeal to your target audience and increase the exposure of your app. Here are seven basic explanations of why your app needs an ASO agency:

Conduct Regular ASO Audits: 

Since no ASO plan is foolproof, the finest ASO agencies conduct audits to determine what is and isn’t working. They then use the knowledge they gain to guide and revise their clients’ ASO game plans.

Optimizing keywords: 

The app store engines employ keyword analysis to find the most pertinent app for the user’s search query. The app’s title, short and long descriptions, and URLs are all locations the search algorithm first browses, thus it is crucial to include the most relevant keywords in all of these areas. The first step in the keyword choice procedure is keyword research for the app store. This will allow you to ascertain which phrase is more common among your intended audience. You can perform manual research on your competitors or turn to outside sources such AppTweak.

Enhanced user targeting: 

Regardless of how great your app is, if incorrect individuals are using it, your retention rate will probably decline. Another reason why ASO is essential is that it enables you to attract the right consumers who are interested in downloading and using your app.

Enhanced App Store Ranking: 

An ASO company may assist you in raising your app’s position in the app stores, increasing the likelihood that people will find it. An ASO service may assist you in enhancing your app’s chances of ranking higher in search results and drawing in more potential users by optimizing various components of your app listing, such as keywords, descriptions, and images.

Ensures long-term, maintained app visibility: 

ASO is a key component for long-term, prolonged app visibility. As you’ve seen in the preceding section, ASO can produce effects for a lot longer after the hard effort has been put into it. Paid advertisements, on the other hand, need ongoing funding to draw people.

App reviews and ratings:  

Apps receive ratings ranging from 1 to 5. This is how your app’s reputation is measured. Users can utilize reviews as text boxes to leave them well-written comments. Reviews and ratings are the users’ main predictors of an app’s reliability, and Google Play and the App Store’s algorithms also take these factors into account. Applications’ ratings have a big impact. Every time they use the app, users can see this social proof signal in the search results, top graphs, and highlighted pages.

Updates to App Store Algorithms: 

Since App Store Algorithms are always changing, it’s important to keep up with the most recent trends and industry best practices. To preserve your app’s exposure and ranking, you may keep up with algorithm improvements with the assistance of an ASO agency and modify the metadata as necessary.

The disadvantages of ASO :

Although ASO can be a useful technique for increasing your app’s discoverability and luring new users, it’s necessary to take into account the various drawbacks and difficulties that come with this strategy. While ASO (App Store Optimization) can offer several advantages for an app, there are a few potential drawbacks to take into account:

  • The best practices for ASO and app store algorithms are continuously changing, so it’s important to keep up with the most recent developments if you want to continue to be successful.
  • ASO needs a significant amount of time and effort to study and optimize your app’s metadata, carry out keyword research, and keep up with algorithm changes.
  • While ASO can increase the exposure of your app in the app store, it might not be sufficient to attract a larger audience. You might need to make investments in other marketing along with user acquisition pathways, such as social media marketing or influencer marketing, to effectively attract new users and grow your app’s user base. The success of your app can also be influenced by elements like user feedback and reviews, its performance, and general user popularity.


ASO (App Store Optimization) is a crucial tactic for any mobile app that wants to raise awareness of it and increase organic downloads. The metadata of an app, including the title, outline, keywords, and images, must be optimized to stand out from the crowd and attract potential customers given the millions of apps accessible in the app stores.

ASO may increase organic downloads, increase an app’s discoverability, and eventually increase revenue & user engagement. An app can increase its chances of appearing higher in search engine outcomes and luring more potential users by optimizing a number of listing components, including its title, description, including images.

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