10 Amazing Websites to Kill Your Boredom and Do Something Fun!

Waiting for someone on the subway can be the worst thing to do. When you are expecting someone, and he’s late, you need to kill some time. Sometimes during your official work, it becomes hectic, and you need to relax a bit. Under such circumstances, you may love to take a look at your phone. There are multiple cool websites to kill time and, at the same time, have fun. Due to huge work pressure, we all forget to stay calm and have fun sometimes. These apps will certainly help you get some me-time and have fun without anyone!


Who doesn’t love playing puzzles? Just remember our childhood and our love for puzzles. We used to nag our parents to get us some puzzle books. Puzzles can help you kill boredom, and at the same time, they are quite fun. You won’t realize how easily and quickly your mood will get cured with these cool websites to kill time. Puzzles are really mood-setters and apart from puzzles, you will get lots of other fun website games available here. You can play online solitaire games, crosswords puzzles, etc. you can also download some crosswords puzzles to solve offline and save your eyes.


Do you like the sound of the rain and thunder? Strong breeze or birds chirping? Well, these sounds work as a wonder when you are tired and want to take a quick nap. If you are a workaholic, you know how important it is to take a few short naps in between your work sessions. If you do not do that, you cannot get enough energy to finish your work successfully. This ShutEye app is an escape from this mad world into a place where you can listen to your favorite songs, sounds, and tracks while taking a rest.

Internet Radio:

Every country has its unique features and culture. If you get to listen to thor radio stations, you will get an idea of the types of songs played around the world, and you are certainly going to enjoy it. You need to be a music enthusiast to have an ear for international music. Internet Radio is one of the cool websites to kill time that allows you to listen to more than 20000 radio stations across the world. Choose the songs you want to listen to and kill your boredom.

100,000 stars:

Do you love stars and gaze at the night sky sometimes? In our childhood, we all were quite charmed by the stars and constellations. But with aging, we do not get enough time to spend looking at the stars. With this 100000 stars app, you can rekindle your love for stars. You can go through the galaxies, explore different corners of the galaxies and learn more and more about new stars. This is one of the cool websites to kill time and can help you learn new things.

Rubik’s cube explorer:

This is one of the random websites where you will learn a little bit more about the cube and who invented it, and some other interesting facts about the cube. Here, you will get a 2D version of the cube, and you have to solve it. If it seems tough for you, you can go through the solved version of the cube. The solved version is also available on the same cool website. If you love solving Rubik’s cubes, then this app is really fun for you.

The deep-sea:

Aren’t you interested in sea life and the creatures in it? Well, inside the sea, there are several layers, and once you go deep down, the characters and specifications of these sea creatures will change. This is one of the boredom websites that gives you a wonderful insider of the aqua world that you may not explore in real life.

2 kinds of people:

This is one of the cool websites to kill time. Here, you will get several humorous illustrations that will help you have a hearty smile. There are 2 kinds of people in the world; one with a sense of humor and the other without it. If you have a good sense of humor, you will love this app to the core.

Museum of endangered sounds:

This is one of the websites to pass time which gives you an opportunity to listen to the amazing sounds you have been hearing since childhood. Sounds like a dial-up modem, rotary phone, instant messenger, etc., are gone. If you want to relish your childhood memories of listening to these sounds, this museum of endangered sounds is your escape route. Go through the music libraries and listen to some amazing music and sounds available here.


This is an interesting website to kill time where you can do fun activities with your friends. Here you will see everything as google maps in street view format. You just have to go through the expedition mode and finish the tasks given to you. You can play this geographic expedition game along with your friends and family. Also, the app is a budding one, so every day, the developers add something new to entertain you in a better way.

Little Alchemy:

Did you have Chemistry at school, and did you like experimenting with new things by mixing random elements? You will get more than 550 combinations and a lot of elements on the app. You can mix two or more elements and see the result. If you mix water, air, and fire, you will get clouds. Similarly, you can get a lot of new things by mixing the elements available on this website for boredom. Do you experiment and quench your thirst for mixing random elements at the Chemistry lab. This is a wonderful way of killing your time, learning new things, and of course, having fun.


You do not need to sit back and wait for your friend to come. Just play these amazing apps, try something new, learn something new, and you can actually not waste your time but utilize it in the best possible way with these amazing apps.


How do you google when you’re bored?

You can start searching for interesting facts on Google, or you can start playing some online games, and your mood will be cured soon.

What is better than social media?

Social media keeps you hooked to it for several minutes, and it wastes your time. On the other hand, if you know the proper use of Google, then you can kill some time and have fun along with it.

How can I pass time through the Internet?

Go through the Internet and search for small online games. Lots of such online games are available, and you can choose some of those to pass some time.

What should I do for a time pass?

You can listen to some music, take a nap, play some games, do crossword or sudoku, learn new skills on the Internet, and a lot more for a time pass.

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