8 Best Exclusive Survival Apps for Android Phones

In the modern-day scenario, the Android phone has become a necessity rather than a luxury. It is a handy device for communication and entertainment as it is an excellent source of information in your hand. It can be beneficial in times of emergency or disasters, too, as it provides access to many survival apps for android phones with valuable tools, resources and other handy features.


Noonlight: Feel Protected 24/7
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SafeTrek is the best survival app to keep you safe. It’s a free GPS app that helps people in emergencies. You can use it to send distress signals, file police reports, and more. If you’re looking for an app focusing on safety, SafeTrek is it! This app is available for Android phones, iOS phones.

Cat Survival

Cat Survival is an excellent app for all the cat lovers out there. This app will help you keep your beloved feline safe in times of trouble as it provides information on nearby vets, animal shelters and even pet shops. If your cat gets lost, this app will help you find it faster and easier than Google search or other online resources.

It even has tips about what foods are good for cats’ health or bad for them — so if you’re worried about feeding them something harmful, then this app can provide some guidance!

Ultimate Survivor

Ultimate Survivor is an app that will help you survive in harsh and wild conditions. The app can be used as the best survival guide app, but it also features stories of people who have survived. If you’re planning on going somewhere and want to learn more about its climate and terrain, this is an excellent resource to have on hand while you’re there!



Earthquake is an app that informs you of any earthquakes in your area, which is helpful because sometimes you don’t know what’s happening with the ground under your feet. The app also lets users report an earthquake they feel and provides updates on recent quakes.

It can be downloaded on iOS devices here or Android devices here.

If you want to be informed about earthquakes and get some tips on surviving them, this is a great survival app for you! It even advises what clothes are best for surviving an earthquake and how much food should be stored in an emergency.

The only downside is that it doesn’t have any additional features like location tracking or taking pictures automatically when something happens (like our next pick does).

Hikers, Backpackers and Campers!

Hikers, backpackers and campers should consider this app a must-have for their survival kits. It has a great selection of tools that can be used outdoors, from planning routes to finding water sources. The app also allows users to track and share their location with other hikers or backpackers.

First Aid

First Aid

This app is a lifesaver. It’s not necessarily the best first aid app, but it gets the job done and doesn’t require an internet connection. The list of topics includes burns and heat illnesses, bleeding control, CPR, eye injuries and much more. This provides information on what to do in emergencies like tornadoes or fires. These survival apps for android phones can protect you from any circumstances.

They also offer several other apps for different situations, such as pet first aid or workplace safety tips for those who work outside at gas stations or construction sites with heavy machinery (or live near an airport).



This is an app that provides users with information about the hurricane. It is a must-have app for all android users as it helps them know about hurricanes and how to survive them. It also helps them know how to prepare for a hurricane to protect themselves from any damage caused by the hurricane.

Fire and Water Damage Restoration Service

Fire and Water Damage Restoration Service

Fire and Water Damage Restoration Service is an excellent app if you have recently been affected by a fire or flood. This is an excellent tool for those who have had their home damaged by these events.

This app will allow you to contact professional restoration services in your area so that they can come to assess the damage and begin repairs on your property as soon as possible. The app also provides users with helpful tips on how best to handle this situation, such as whether items are salvageable or not after being exposed to extreme heat or water damage.


I hope you found this article informative and helpful in securing your survival needs. While it can always be challenging to feel prepared, having the right equipment with you is an absolute must. If nothing else, these survival apps for android phones should give you peace of mind next time there’s an unexpected storm or natural disaster.

How do you survive in an emergency?

The Emergency’s Three C’s
1. Check. Checking implies looking for anything dangerous.
2. Call. It’s critical to call 911 as soon as possible in an emergency.
3. Care. After inspecting the incident and phoning for assistance, administer care until medical personnel arrive.
Despite this, survival apps for android phones are now available, and you can access them anytime.

What do you need to survive 30 days?

You should have at least 30 days of food on hand for disaster readiness. You’ll also need enough water to last 30 days. Getting 30 days’ worth of emergency food may sound straightforward, but don’t just go out and purchase a billion cans of soup, packages of crackers, and huge grains.

What is a survival guide?

It explains how to build a shelter and find food and water using only natural resources. This survival book covers how to obtain a range of things, from meat to veggies and fruits, and how to get clean, potable water — even in the desert or near the ocean.
And, to make things even easier, you can download survival apps for Android phones to help you get through any emergency.

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