12 Best Stargazing Apps That Are Accurate 2023

Astronomy used to be thought of as an ‘expensive’ subject. It cost a fortune to follow this passion, including everything from telescopes to complex machines. However, technological progress in the twenty-first century has unquestionably made things more manageable.

We use smartphones to obtain news updates and to have long conversations with our closest friends. But, as an astronomy fan, did you know that your phone can always do a bit more?

Yes, several best free stargazing apps are available to help you channel your inner astronomer. Here are best ios stargazing apps and android apps available for you to enhance your stargazing skills.

Star Rover can recognise approximately 120,000 stars and all 88 constellations and preserve data on several Messier objects, cluster of stars and the Milky Way.

The Advantages of the Best Stargazing Apps

• Learn about the sky: 

Aside from stargazing, you may learn a lot about the sky. The best stargazing apps show you the patterns and constellations you see in the sky in great clarity. It will also assist you in improving your knowledge of celestial bodies.

• Great for aspiring students: 

Observing the sky often leaves children and teenagers perplexed. The best stargazing apps can serve as a useful reference for students who want to pursue their dreams in astronomy. Students can learn about the fine elements of the sky at a young age and apply what they learn later in their careers to accomplish great things.


Stellarium Mobile

People nowadays are unable to appreciate the sky. Some are unable to do so due to a lack of time, while others cannot do so for any other reason. As a result, Stellarium mobile will be of assistance to you. You don’t want to travel only to gaze at the stars. Pollution is the primary cause of our inability to see stars. 

It’s as simple as pointing your phone at the sky. This is an extremely user-friendly astronomy app. This is one of the best stargazing apps for adults and children alike. You can also utilise a dark atmosphere to shield your eyes.


• Your telescope

• an authentic night sky view

• a large selection of stars, nebulas, galaxies, and more

Time and Space on the Cosmic Watch

Cosmic Watch is a 3D planetarium with augmented reality that lets you explore and study stars, constellations, and the entire solar system. The programme includes a clock that allows you to move back in time (or forward in time) to see how time changes the location of astronomical objects. It’s also capable of calculating or forecasting big astronomical occurrences.

The software includes a heliocentric and geocentric perspective of the solar system, layered information, and separate view modes. With this app, You can learn about seven sisters, Saturn, Neptune, Mercury, venus, earth, Uranus, Mars, and Jupiter planet.

StarWalk 2 

you can quickly determine if you’re staring at a planet or a star. The best android stargazing apps will keep you up to date on the newest solar system news and activities. Explore the sky at all times of the day and night. You have to point your iPhone at the sky to find out what it is. You can get the most recent space news with a single tap on the ‘what’s new’ section.

• Real-time sky map 

• Clock-face icon 

Universe in a Pocket

Pocket Universe is an excellent app for those new to the game. This programme is excellent for learning the names of constellations, brilliant stars, planets, and other celestial bodies. Quizzes are also available in Pocket Universe to help you learn more effectively.

Mobile Observatory 

This programme can also tell you if the next lunar eclipse will be visible from where you are. You’ll also get a sense of when the next dazzling comet will appear. 

This is a popular free stargazing app with millions of users. There are 30,000 stars of varying magnitudes, and 220 Deep Sky objects can be found. This programme can calculate important celestial events for your location automatically. So, get Mobile Observatory on your phone and enjoy the view of the sky on your gadget.

Features to look for include:

• 1000 minor planets

• All 88 constellations

• Daily notification

Moon HD Deluxe

It is available in seven different languages. It mixes classic lunar maps with cutting-edge technology to deliver feature-rich content with a dash of style.

Detailed moon information, precise moon phase timings, animated Zodiac circles, moon horoscopes, and lunar and solar eclipses are some of the numerous features that make the programme worth a try.

Map of the Sky

The programme, once known as Google Sky Map, tracks and identifies celestial objects using data from your device’s inbuilt compass and GPS. You can also utilise the ‘time travel’ option to see where your object of interest will be in the future.

Take a Solar Walk

It offers a realistic and visually appealing 3D depiction of our solar system, allowing users to wander around the night sky and discover planets in real-time. You can acquire extensive information about any planet, star, asteroid, or comet with high-resolution photos.

Night Sky Lite 

Night sky Lite, like other apps, includes an excellent stargazing experience that can assist you in identifying a variety of celestial objects. But it’s the best stargazing apps strong community that suggests wonderful stargazing spots worldwide that sets it apart from the competition. 

DSO Planner Plus 

DSO Planner Plus is a powerful astronomy planning tool that can help you find stars and other deep sky objects in the night sky. The software offers a large database of celestial objects, allowing users to create their databases.

The programme can identify over 700 comets and over 10,000 brightest minor planets using many major star catalogues, including USNO UCAC4 and Tycho-2.

You can also utilise the app’s star chart to import DSS (digitised sky survey) photos of any section of the sky.

Aerial View

SkyView uses a cutting-edge Augmented Reality (AR) system to locate various space objects at any time of day or night. It supplies you with useful information on constellations and stars and their courses and the names of the apparent bright lights. Popular social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram allow you to share space photographs with your family and friends.

NASA Mobile App

If you’re a fan of astronomy, you should get the NASA app for your smartphone. There are almost 16,000 photographs in this collection, adding new ones every day. Because you can quickly share every detail with your friend, you can now have additional topics to discuss with them. For a more realistic picture, explore the 3D globe model, which you will appreciate more than any other programme. It’s also one of the best stargazing apps because you can listen to the third rock ratio. With this greatest stargazing app, you can see the world through the eyes of an artist.

Find a map, information, and a link that will assist you in exploring the NASA Center. You can quickly access your favourite photographs and missions by selecting them. You may see upcoming International Space Station observation possibilities and receive notifications even before they happen. This programme also allows you to watch high-quality videos of the HDEV experiment on the International Space Station. 

Features to Look For:

• Videos that are streamed live

• More than 16,000 space photos

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