Top 10 Apps to Watch TV Shows Online

Mobile phones replaced many other devices in our day-to-day life like radio, alarm clocks, cameras, maps, telephones, and more. Now television also comes under this list. Yes, there are plenty of mobile apps available to watch TV shows online. The essentials for watching live tv are just a mobile phone with an internet connection and a mobile application. These apps contain a library of movies according to categories and a list of live tv shows. From the list, the user can select the required movie or live tv show and watch it. The main motive of this application is to provide a vast range of experience in watching films worldwide.

Mobile applications for online TV shows

There are many live tv apps available online, but only a few are genuine and trustworthy. From all those apps, we are going to see the top 10 applications, which is helpful. These ten apps have different features and working styles. This listing depends on the features, operating capacity, video quality, and other application amenities. Most of the apps available online will have only a few collections of movies and selected tv shows. Only some apps have access to all live tv shows and a vast array of worldwide films.

Tubi -Free movies & Tv shows app

Tubi -Free movies & Tv shows app

Tubi is a popular online application for movies and TV shows, and it is the most extensive free streaming service with a vast choice of shows and movies. This application has many types of films and tv shows. So everyone will find shows and movies according to their taste. There are several features available in this app. Tubi app has thousands of movies and TV shows available with it.

This app allows users to search for their required shows and movies by exploring the genre, actors, and more options. This app has only a few ads compared with television. This app helps the users to create their custom queue of movies and TV shows. Every week they add new movies and TV shows to this app. It also can continue the video where you left. This app is available in both the play store and the app store. Video streaming is free in this app, but it requires a subscription for only a few movies and shows.

Pluto TV application

Pluto TV application

Pluto is also one of the best online streaming apps, which is free for use. By using this app, the user can watch more than 100 live TV channels. This application provides 1000+ video files for user selection from that the user can select the required film or tv show. Pluto tv offers an extensive collection of the latest movies and 17 special movie channels. Many choices are available for all kinds of people worldwide, and it is available in both the app store and the play store, which works on all digital devices like mobile, tablet, and smart TVs.

Sony Crackle – Free TV & Movies application

This app is more popular nowadays among people. Sony pictures studio is the creator of this application, and it provides access to 100+ new movies and popular TV shows in the app. All the movies and the shows will be all-time favorites or a fresh hit one. This application has unique features like the watch later list, continue watching option when left off on any device, and weekly added movies and tv shows.

This application has a genres filter option in which the user can select the movie or shows type like comedy, action, drama, or documentary. This application has a user-friendly interface and a wide range of movie collections.

Snagfilms application

This Snagflims app is the best app with all kinds of TV shows online. This app contains all language and genre TV shows from all over the world. All the movies and Tvshows available on this application are free, and the main feature of this application is 17 movies, documentaries, and TV shows. This app also has an in-app sharing feature on Facebook and Twitter. In this app, the user can create queues for movies and TV shows. Users can search TV shows and movies by genre, topic, and run time. This application has 2 million users, and this app is available in both the play store and the app store.

New Terrarium Tv application

New Terrarium Tv application

This application also has a vast gallery of movies and tv shows for free. By using this app, the users can view new and all-time favorite movies and TV shows live. This gallery of movies has various genres of films. This application supports only high-quality content, and there is no low quality available in this app. In this Terrarium application, users can download their favorite TV shows and movies.

Box of movies and TV shows

Box of movies and TV shows

This application provides an enormous library of movies and TV shows. All the shows and movies in this application are the top-rated, popular, and new-release movies. By using the filter, the users can select by choosing the title, genre, or keyword. This app has a user-friendly interface, and all the videos have their description, release date, budget, trailers, etc. this will help the users to know more about the movie and the TV shows.

Free HD Movies application

This application contains HD content, and all the movies and shows will be in perfect resolution. It has movie trailers, captions, subtitles for every movie, powerful and effective search options, and more. Free HD Movies app has all genres of movies like comedy, drama, action, and science fiction, and it has a vote average for every video. This application is available only in the play store.

Bobby Box-Tv Series & Movies

This Bobby Box-Tv application provides a choice of many movies and TV shows. This application also has the filter option, and by using that, the users can select the required genre of film from the search list. This application is available in both the app store and the play store.  By using this application, users can download Tv shows and movies as per requirement.

Popcorn time: Full HD free Movies app

Popcorn time: Full HD free Movies app

This popcorn time is a collection of fantastic movies and TV shows. This app is a free application that anyone with an internet connection can assess. It is available only in the play store. This app has new trailers, reviews,  movies, and TV shows online. And it also provides access to many TV shows and news from their wide range of entertainment databases. This application also contains information and gossips about stars and other celebrities. Popcorn time is a new variety of mobile applications with various kinds of data with one interface.

Viki: Korean drama, movies, and TV show application

Viki: Korean drama, movies, and TV show application

This application has different language content with various genres in it. This app is helpful for Asian people and those who like Asian Tv shows and movies. This Viki app has information about the film, TV shows, episodes, reviews, and comments. Most of the content in this app is from different languages, and in this app, the user can add subtitles of other languages. Most of the contents of this app are Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. This app is available in both the play store and the app store.

Advanced applications

There are many applications available online, and now many OTT platforms are emerging nowadays, even though these online applications are available for public use. All the apps in this list are free to use. Only some of the movies and shows need a subscription. Download the required app from the play store or the app store and enjoy the movies and TV shows.

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