Top 10 Apps for Selling Or Buying Used Items

Apps for Selling Or Buying Used Items

Get tired of your used items? Needless to worry, you can easily reduce the used items with the help of Apps for Selling Or Buying Used Items in no time. Of course, the value for used items is still at the top worldwide. Therefore, no matter the used items such as clothes, furniture, cell phones, cars, electronics, fashion, homes, pets, and others.

Please make use of an app and then easily sell and buy it. Stare at the below apps to pick the best one from the list.

eBay Marketplace

eBay Marketplace

When it comes to unused products, eBay is always in the top position. For sure, it is a fantastic app in many terms. At first, one can easily sell various items, including clothing, electronics, toys, memorabilia, health products, art, etc. You are allowed to sell products to both local and international buyers. 

As it has secured payment options, sellers can surely trust the platform. Even if you are a beginner, you are all set to easily get the way to sell items. It’s all because of its user-friendly interface. Also, one can choose to sell the products in fixed-price listings. It supports various payment methods such as PayPal, payment on pickup, credit cards, etc. 

Importantly, it never allows fraudulence activity at any cost. That’s why eBay is a safe and best app to sell and buy used items. 


Are you looking for the best app to sell and buy used college textbooks? Choose eCampus is the choice of app for you. Just estimate how much you should spend if you want to purchase new academic yearbooks. Thus, using the eCampus app will let you easily buy the used textbooks. Also for those who wish to sell the studied books back to college can prefer it. 

The purchaser will get free shipping, and you can make the payment through various methods such as PayPal, check direct deposit, or in-store credit. Even you can sell books directly to the students. Notably, the site gets a 15% commission for each sale; however, you will get discounts on shipping. 



Koove is an app that enables people to buy and sell second-hand products with the help of a reliable social media site. Koove is utterly safe to use. Hence, to prove to the customers, it has features such as Real User Profiles, Moderated Community, Chat, Social, Comments, and so forth. Koove is unique among all; it will take off the waste and offer a better experience. 

More than selling and purchasing used stuff; one can also easily search for various products using Koove. Also, you can comment, engage, and connect with others who are all interested in purchasing the same accessory. 


Mercari is available for both Android and iOS devices. Also, users can download it for free of cost. A highlighted feature in the platform is you can afford the evident varied shipping cost. Of course, you ought to pay only less. The app lets the customers buy and sell a wide variety of new, used, and handmade items straightforwardly. 

Right from clothing and beauty products to video games, you can purchase and sell using the app. The sellers ought to upload photos of the products that they wish to sell along with a description. Also, they should answer some basic questions asked by the customers. Plus, mentioning the shipping rate will help you sell any item timely. Suppose if the sellers pay for the shipping, then the product will reach you faster. 



OfferUp has an ultimate option at no cost for shipping. By this, you can get OfferUp is an excellent app that will let you effortlessly buy and sell any heavy-weight household items and even many more products. As it gives an overview of buyer and seller, you can consider it one of the best Apps for Selling Or Buying Used Items plus buyers and sellers can message each other. Once you are satisfied with the deal, you can sell it. 

You can give the money in person by fixing the correct location. The app has a TruYou Program that will check the identity of both sellers and buyers. Thus, you can confidently use the platform. You are needless to worry all because it will take only your Facebook profile, scan your driver’s license and take a selfie, that’s all. 


Tradly is a popular social marketplace that will let you buy, sell, donate, and swap with locals. With this app, people can easily connect with nearby locals, discover pre-owned items, and trade. A notable feature of Tradly is that entirely safe, and it will let you do activities in a fun-filled way. The local community runs the app. Undoubtedly, you feel safe to connect and trade straightforwardly using Tradly. 

You can simply search and get this app such as Tradly, Tradely, Tradly social market, Tradly buy, and so on. For sure, you will get an excellent used goods shopping experience. No matter your choice of products, one can grab them in no time. 



Letgo is an app for gadgets and vehicle lovers. Whether you need to sell an old smartphone, unwanted toys, or a used car using Letgo, you are all set to do it straightforwardly. Letgo offers convenient virtual shopping to consumers. Whether selling or buying a used item, right from electronics to sporting goods to cars, you can get it on the app. 

One can easily purchase products at a reduced cost. Also, Letgo will properly check user profiles with ratings and reviews. Thus, anyone can view what they are talking about and so on. It is safe, and you can use the app without paying even a bit of a penny. Yes, anyone can download it for free. 


Looking for an app for used clothes? Poshmark is there to rescue you. All you ought to do is follow the members of another virtual wardrobe. Even one can share, like, and comment on the available items. Using this app is quite fun and exciting. If you want to sell any clothes, all you need to do is upload a post and a picture. 

You can also include size and other details. Undoubtedly, you can purchase used clothes for a meager price. As a seller, you can witness that your inventory moves faster. Plus, sellers have five days to drop the shipment off at the post office before the buyer cancels it. As mentioned earlier, the items will move faster. 

Poshmark appreciates clothes that belong to familiar brands, so then the buyers will purchase them. Alongside including about sizing or fit make them even convenient. 

The RealReal

The RealReal

Need an app to sell luxury items? No worries, The RealReal platform helps you resale high-end designer brands such as women’s, men’s, and kids’ fashion to fine jewelry, watches, home decor, and even art at a reasonable price. By selling the luxury item, you can earn up to 85% of whatever you sell. 

The RealReal is one of the great Apps for Selling Or Buying Used Items because it will reduce the effort you need to put in, such as posting pictures, setting prices, monitoring sales, and shipping goods to buyers. Every item in the app is authenticated one. Thus buyers can get the confidence to purchase anything based on their choice.

Importantly, you are needless to step out from your home at any cost. Undoubtedly, it is an excellent online platform for luxury-used items. 


Want the best app to sell used clothes? Look at Vinted app to quickly sell clothes. The app has a lot of members; thus, you can connect with each and other. Also, you alone need to create listings for free and set up your prices. 


All the mentioned apps are good to use to sell as well as buy used items. Be it is any used item, you can find the best app indeed.