Top 10 Cab Booking Or Car Booking Apps

Who would have imagined that booking a cab would be so easy that you could call them with just one click? It’s not a fantasy anymore. Today, there are so many car booking apps out there that everyone might be confused about which one to install. Identifying the best taxi booking apps can be quite challenging. With the help of this article, you will know about the top ten cab booking apps.

Below is a list of the top 10 cab booking apps. They are judged on their features, Ease of Access, Speed, and Rating.

The top 10 car booking apps



From San Francisco, This Silicon Valley startup has changed the definition of an on-demand taxi booking app worldwide. Uber currently operates in over 700 cities and over 65 countries. Uber is famous for reasons such as its simple user interface. Because of the availability of drivers and cars, Easy payment options, Driving safety features, Country-Specific Features, Different taxi rental models, etc.


Lyft is also a San Francisco unicorn with a presence in the US and Canada in over 640 cities. Lyft is known for its safety and reliability. Lyft is one of Uber’s most significant competitors in the United States. Like Uber, it rates drivers based on the ratings they provide by considering the number of drivers. There are three options for users: Lyft, Lyft Plus, and Lyft Line.



It was founded in 2012 as a Malaysian company providing transportation services like food delivery, finance, and insurance services in Southeast Asia. Grab operates in over 500 cities in 8 countries, making it one of Southeast Asia’s most extensive ride-hailing services. Grab an all-in-one mobile app solution for food delivery, car booking apps, and payments. Grab Taxi offers features such as ride tracking, Pre-screening of drivers, etc.


Gett is headquartered in Israel. It is one of the largest and most popular taxi booking apps, operating in 120 cities in 4 countries: USA, UK, Israel, and Russia. One of Gett’s best features is the ability to book taxis in advance (2 weeks). Gett recently acquired Juno, a leading US ride-hailing service, for $200 million to revolutionize taxi bookings in the United States. New York

The price increase is almost never shown in taxi bookings. But it’s also one of the fastest-growing companies, according to Forbs. Other popular publications such as Business Insider, Mashable, TechCrunch, etc., also know about Gett.



Ola is one of the fastest expanding car booking apps in India. It operates in 100 cities across India. It is known for its incredibly intuitive user interface. Ola can be booked for the daily commute and one-way trips to outer stations. You can rent Ola by the hour. Ola offers verified drivers safe, clean and comfortable travel.

Ola has the most diverse fleet in India. From bikes to cars, from SUVs to LUX (luxury cars), from tricycles to local taxi drivers, Ola offers a wide range of transport options.


Didi is one of the largest carriers in China. Didi currently operates with China in countries such as Australia, Brazil, Japan, and Mexico. With Didi, you can rent a car, taxis, buses, luxury cars, bikes, e-bikes, and more. You can book a car from Didi to drive yourself, covering 300 cities across China alone. You can install this app for both Android and iOS platforms.



Cabify is one of Spain’s leading car booking apps. Today, Cabify is available in 12 countries and over 90 cities across Europe and South America. Cabify has the most transparent pricing model ever. Offers fixed prices with no hidden costs. It is believed to be the ideal taxi booking service for corporate travel. There are features such as invoices, support for multiple accounts for the account manager, multiple payment options, Reservation of taxis for other people, etc.



It was founded in 2012 is one of France’s leading taxi booking apps. Most of them serve the fashion capital of the world, like Paris. It is also France’s fastest-growing taxi booking app, with over 100,000 downloads. You can book a LeCab in three ways: app, phone, and website. There are also special taxi bookings available for frequent customers.


With over 50,000 taxis available, Curb is one of the leading car booking apps in the United States. Curb is available in NYC, Boston, Chicago, Philly, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Washington DC, and Miami. Curb offers its users three riding options: Ride Now, Ride Later, and Pair & Pay. Curb customers recommend a fast service due to a large number of taxis.



GoCatch is one of Australia’s best taxi booking apps. One fantastic feature of this app is that you can book a taxi as early as a year. GoCatch gives users a choice of Economy, Premium Taxis, and Maxis as a convenient, fast, and safe way to travel. GoCatch lets you collect GoCoins, which you can redeem at the GoCatch Rewards Shop. The app also offers exclusive services to VIP customers.

Features of car booking application:

  • GPS tracking, maps, and directions: It is beneficial for both the passenger and the driver. The passenger is given the right time through live tracking how many minutes a taxi will arrive, and the driver will also get the passenger’s exact pickup location.
  • Subscriptions for passengers: If you use the basic Taxi App, you’ll get three key features for passengers, such as payment methods, ordering a taxi, Offers, and vouchers to make it exciting and to engage for them.
  • Communication: One of the key factors in downloading a taxi app will help you have SMS in the app through all the premium features.
  • Application for drivers: The app offers features such as requesting a trip, accepting trips, cancelling rides, notifications, alerts, finding gas stations, route selection and reasons for cancellation, etc.
  • Hire and Match System: for taxi app development, App registration is required to use it effectively. The registration process includes screening and providing copies of documents.

Benefits of car booking application:

  • Ease of booking: In today’s busy world, People tend to overlook things that are complicated and time-consuming. A quick, easy, and convenient application yields much better results.
  • Higher visibility: You can quickly improve your taxi business with the help of this mobile-friendly application. You can stay in touch with passengers as long as your app is on their device.
  • Customer service: It is one of the essential factors to consider while building a taxi app. so that customers can quickly provide assistance through their devices.
  • Data Collection: The taxi App users must register themselves via email and mobile phone number. This will convert it into valuable information for you and by saving the saved destination travel frequency. You can send personalized notifications based on this information.
  • Cost-effective price: Due to mobile booking, there will be no unwanted negotiations on the fee between the passenger and the driver.
  • Multiple payment options: This payment option makes the app more attractive and solves the problem of paying cash. If the passenger does not have cash in hand, you can quickly pay via credit card or e-wallet with online payment.


Most of the car booking apps mentioned above are clones of Uber as it was one of the first successful ride-hailing service providers. Every country has a ride-hailing service provider.

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