Top 16 Free Help Desk Software For Ticket Management

Looking for the best help desk software for ticket management? Well, you’re not the only one. No matter if you own a small business or a Fortune-500 company, every entrepreneur wants to decrease their support costs. While there is no replacement for innovation, investing in the right help desk ticketing system should not break the bank. 

Worry not, we have come up with the 16 best free help desk software that features free trial period flexibility that allows your team members to explore a tool and make a suitable software investment.

What is a help desk system?

Free help desk software is a cloud-based tool that can help convert customer issues and requests into tickets. It may impose user and functionality limits, but will surely get the work done in a pinch. The tickets can be tracked and accessed by the support agents from their help desk inbox, prioritize immediate requests and collaborate with other team members for a quick resolution. The help desk software is a tool that offers presentation-ready reports to monitor customer satisfaction and evaluate support performance. Besides, when you are ready to upgrade, you can always purchase a paid version or switch to a more effective system for a fee.

16 best free desk software for ticket management

Stick around with this blog to know some of the best free help desk software and ticketing tools that your team can start using for free.

1. HubSpot

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HubSpot is a fully accessible, undivided, and cost-free help desk and ticket software where all the customer requests are stored amalgamated to ensure that your entire team can effortlessly prioritize, track and manage them.

It recognizes and tracks KPIs to help the team to manage ticket volume, and improve the support you provide customers as well as coach reps.

It also features automation and ticket routines to ensure your team doesn’t bother to manually assign tickets or enter data. You can also assign owners and stages to some definite tickets so HubSpot can automatically create personalized pipelines for your reps to elevate productivity.

2. Jira

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Irrespective of what you are doing, managing incidents, looking for a source bug, or proactively announcing changes in your interface or offerings, Jira has service desk features to make the process uncomplicated. It comes with an inbuilt queuing, automation, knowledge base, and asset management features. It aligns your functioning workflow and offers several integrations to complement the rest of the service software.

3. Agiloft

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Agiloft offers a portal that users can utilize to submit requests whenever they want. In case, of unavailability of personnel, the service will log the request and send a self-service solution as an immediate response before a rep follows up on the case. This free help desk software provides long-term management solutions for cases, including the ones that might be a bit too complicated. The software will launch proactive alerts if a case has been open for too long and has further chances of escalation. This ticketing software is effectively helpful for SaaS customer service teams as they handle high volumes of technical support calls often resulting in follow-up.

4. Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk
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Zoho Desk is a multi-channel free help desk that features an upgraded ticket management system. It effectively takes care of incoming service cases via the web, email, chat, and social media. This coverage across numerous channels makes it effortless for brands to provide an omnichannel experience. This free help desk is a ticketing tool that you can install on your website. After the installation in the browser, the widget turns into a support ticket system, which customers can fill out to request assistance. The customers are allowed to describe their problems in depth and request the preferred channel via which to further communicate. That makes it a lot more effortless for customers to access the support team. This ticketing software also grants them the reps to conveniently analyze and conclude solutions for incoming requests, leading to significant improvement in both customer satisfaction and first-call resolution rates.

5. C-Desk

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C-Desk is a large-scale free help desk platform that offers a huge variety of customer service tools. With this tool, you can get every possible basic thing you expect, that said, everything from ticket management to customer feedback collection. This platform is a wholesome deal for smaller businesses or startups that may be looking forward to adopting their beginner help desk software. The C-desk also features tools that can help promote customer success. For instance, the gallery tool allows you to upload live pictures and pictures to different albums on your website. You can even use this feature to create customer testimonials that will bring credibility to your customer service team.

6. Spiceworks

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Spiceworks is a free ticketing system that helps businesses manage internal as well as customer-facing tasks. It features a one-time download of their help desk software that customers can log into from either a desktop or mobile device. This makes it convenient for customer service teams to manage requests that may come in during off-hours. It also features an inventory management integration that can help your team superintend product orders that are in progress. Using an IP scanner to locate orders and then notify the customer regarding the progress of orders and even be aware in case of delays that occur with delivery.

7. SysAid

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Unlike the rest of the ticketing software, SysAid is a free help desk provider that uses a modular platform. This means users can begin their work with one ticketing tool or feature, and then can add on more if needed. Instead of confusing reps by displaying unnecessary products that they will never use. SysAid features a simple interface by allows users to choose the specific tools they want to acquire. This help desk software features ticket automation and self-service channels like a knowledge base. It also has incident reporting tools that can track problems or changes that are affecting your entire that are affecting your overall work progress.

8. Zendesk

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Zendesk is a renowned free help desk ticketing that avails you to automate your support process.  You can integrate the Zendesk Service with its very own CRM to make sure all customer information is in one place that is both secure and easy to access.

With this ticketing tool, there are numerous ways by which you can take the customer self-service to next level. For example, you can build an integrated help center that avails customers to resolve issues without having to wander anywhere. What makes it unique is that, with this free ticketing system, you can even create a community around your service to ensure interaction between the customers and prospects.

9. Freshdesk

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Freshdesk is an omnichannel free help desk software that has gained a lot of popularity in the past couple of years. This ticketing tool equips your support team with automation capabilities to proactively understand customers’ requirements and context. It is a beneficial tool by which you can efficiently meet and greet your customers on the preferable channels. For instance, you can manage support conversations across a large range of channels like email, social media, live chat, phone texts, and more.

10. HelpCrunch

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If you are looking for free help desk software that features automated greetings, and proactive support and converts more prospects into buying customers.  We got you! HelpCrunch is an affordable customer communication tool that mainly helps interact customers with your team on several channels. With the help of HelpCrunch, you can easily create and edit a help template with an impactful visual editor in minutes. Additionally, this tool offers real-time assistance to customers. In addition to a knowledge base, HelpCrunch offers an intuitive live chat feature that can help you offer real-time assistance to your customers.

11. Happy Fox

Happy Fox
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When it comes to free help desk customization, Happy fox does the job just perfectly. For example, it ensures that your team members can create custom fields, modify existing workflows, and personalize every customer interaction. Besides, it is an amazing free ticketing system that offers a simple yet the best customer support solution to ensure that you minimize chaos and increase the rate of orders to your support process. With the help of this free help desk software, you can easily convert your customer phone calls, emails, chats, and web requests into tickets and keep them clutter-free. Moreover, all the incoming support tickets are automatically sorted into groups/ folders/categories such as sales, customer support, marketing, or refunds; which working with this ticketing tool becomes a lot more effortless and less time-consuming.

12. LiveAgent

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LiveAgent is a great free help desk software that manages all customer conversations in one tool. With a customizable live chat widget, LiveAgent helps you enhance engagement and proactively invite your customers to have a conversation based on the time they have spent on any particular page. As a free ticketing system, LiveAgent helps you integrate your favorite tools, automate your workflows, prioritize urgent tasks and enhance your support quality with the help of powerful reports and better data analysis. You can also answer the customer’s basic questions using this ticketing tool and help them make the best purchase decisions. And that surely will help your business grow and bring more orders and positive reviews.

13. Kayako

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Kayako’s free help desk software comes with powerful unique functionality that makes it stand out from the rest of its competitors. This ticketing software helps your team effectively manage customer service interactions on several channels. It even gives access to robust collaboration features such as private notes, via which members of different teams can work together to resolve complicated issues or requests to conclude a quick solution. Kayako’s live chat can be easily integrated into your website, help center, and even mobile apps. With the help of the chat tool, you can engage your audience and provide personalized support every time. Additionally, if you see that there’s a delay in reply from the customer’s end, you can mail an automated follow-up message and get going with the conversation.

14. OsTicket

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OsTicket is a free ticketing system that can be used to manage and distribute incoming requests. Its most remarkably unique feature is the ticket filters which allow you to route tickets and automate the creation. You can even assign tasks to the ticket based on the rule criteria that you regulate. Besides, its “agent collision avoidance” mechanism prevents reps from working on the same ticket at the same time. The software locks the ticket to ensure that the team members won’t overwhelm the customer with responses.

15. Boss solutions suite

Boss solutions suite
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Boss Solutions Suite features cloud and on-premise help desk and ticketing solutions for customer service teams. It has an in-built knowledge base that acts as a self-service support center. You can also take advantage of this feature straight from the mobile app that can be used to manage tickets on the go. And while making decisions using customer data, the analytics dashboard generates overall reports that show the performance of your team in finding solutions for customers.

16. Proprofs Help desk

Proprofs Help desk
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ProProfs Help Desk is an easy-to-use free help desk software that comes next under this list. This tool ensures your team is ready to tackle the obstacles through several channels for numerous requests and complaints from email to live chat. This features a very efficient automation capability in the form of automated ticket routing, chatbots, canned responses, and the list goes on. Another great feature comes along with it. This ticketing software offers customer support ticket system managers great visibility into agent performance and various other metrics such as ticket resolution time and more. Besides, brands looking to improvise their overall customer experience can share CSAT and NPS surveys, and allow customers to rate their support interactions instantly in no time.

With that, we wrap up this blog! The best free help desk software is the one that helps you automate your workflow and empowers the team to provide the best customer service experiences. When that is accomplished, everyone wins! Out of all the 16 best free help desk software, you must choose your ideal free help desk software that is both powerful and easy to use.

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