Top 10 Best Free CRM for Real Estate Business in 2023

Free CRM for Real Estate

CRM is a type of software solution that extends different customer management systems such as fresh sales real estate services, and marketing, and permits them to operate together. It simplifies your business procedures and connects client data to assist you to build connections, boosting productivity, and enhancing customer engagement.

After you’ve done a little research, you’ll have a good idea of what your customers are looking for as well as the best free CRM for real estate that offers the right tools you should consider providing to your agents to help them do their jobs better.

What is a CRM?

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a technology for overseeing all your company’s connections and businesses with customers and probable clients. The goal is simple: Improve business relationships. A CRM network enables organizations to stay connected to buyers, streamline procedures, and enhance profitability.

When folk chats about CRM, they are usually relating to a CRM system, a device that assists with contact management, sales surveillance, productivity, etc.

A CRM explanation comforts you to focus on your organization’s connections with individual folk — encompassing customers, service users, colleagues, or suppliers — throughout your lifecycle with them, containing uncovering fresh customers, winning their business, and giving benefits and extra assistance throughout the relationship.

How does real estate CRM software work?

An efficient customer relationship management tool not only offers insights but also assists with the automation of tasks, additionally they also play a vital role in improving customer services. It also takes part to cover the simplest tasks that your company requires while making sure that each component integrates and collaborates smoothly. Here are three cases that show the ways a modern CRM system can help you track and connect your marketing, sales, and service organizations.

Align sales and marketing 

Sales and marketing components can work combined to help you have a clearer vision of understanding a customer’s needs and address those needs through the appropriate marketing channels. Following are the ways these two functions can work combined to help you are:

  1. Connecting with clients at an accurate time and through their preferred channels.
  2. Determining when and what types of messages to send to customers. 
  3. Prioritizing the right leads and making sure of smooth hand-off from marketing to sales.

Increase sales productivity

The right CRM software allows your fresh sales real estate team to find and prioritize the right leads and deliver insights on when and where your sales teams engage with customers. These systems can work together to:

  1. Predict further budget and sales so that you can plan accordingly.
  2. Help your team members streamline the sales process right from initial contact to signing the deal.
  3. Have client data centralized by which the agents can have access to real-time information and offer quick delivery solutions.

Build better customers bonding

Bringing together customer service and sales helps you determine and predict your customers’ priorities and preferences, which makes it easier for your buyers to connect and trust doing business with you. When these two solutions combine, they can help you in the following ways:

  1. Get a brief discernment of your customers’ journey, that will help you meet their expectations.
  2. Provide mobile apps to both your clients and staff irrespective of what device they are using.
  3. Offer customers an easily accessible self-service portal by which they can be in control of their data and instantly find answers to their queries.

How do I choose a CRM for real estate?

The demand for CRMs for real estate agencies gives a vast option of products to select from. Here are 7 tips for discovering the CRM that flawlessly suits your truth as a real estate dealer.

  1.  Assess your demands and recognize your budget before selecting your CRM for real estate agents
  •  Select a CRM for real estate agents that’s consistent with your extra software
  •  Your CRM for real estate agents requires to comprise reporting and comments characteristics
  •  Select a secure, mobile CRM for real estate agents
  • Go for  a CRM for real estate agents that will thrive as rapidly as your business
  • Search for a partner who will frequently develop your CRM using innovative solutions

List of 10 best CRM for real estate

Below mentioned is the list of the best free CRM for real estate that is dedicated to offering their best:

1. Pipedrive

Source image:

Pipedrive is a very popular software for managing activities and visualizing team performance. This

best free CRM for real estate can be used by experts from any enterprise, encompassing real estate, to supervise clients and leads. The application enables real estate dealers to trace calls and communication details. It captures leads rapidly from web forms and chatbots that real estate dealers can follow up on to turn into clients.

Key Features :

Visualizing team performance

Trace calls and communication details

Captures leads rapidly


Essential: $12.50 per user per month

Advanced: $24.90 per user per month

Professional: $49.90 per user per month

Enterprise: $99.00 per user per month | minimum 10 users

Trial: Yes | 14-day

Source image: PcMag is known as the best free CRM for real estate and its marketing experts excel in managing and organizing buyer data. This is one of the most prominent CRM software. The software is used by large firms in several enterprises encompassing NBC, Walmart, BBC Studios, Adobe, Coca-Cola, and many others. This free CRM real estate gives the main workspace to schedule and delivers the best work from the squad.


Team management

Task management

100+ app integration

Automated task assignments

Visualized display


Individual: Free

Basic: $8 per seat per month

Standard: $10 per seat per month

Pro: $16 per seat per month

Enterprise: Custom quote

Trial: Yes | 14-day

3. HubSpot

Source image: Sptio

Next on our list is Hubspot, this software is known for its features like managing and organizing customer relationships on a centralized online platform for free. This is the best free CRM for real estate and can save estate dealers time in surveying and following up with buyers. The CRM app has an easy-to-use interface. The app can track the details of every prospect and customer at no extra cost. Besides, with this real estate database software, the agents can also get full-time visibility of the customer sales pipeline through the dashboard.


Document sharing


Meeting schedules

Sales Quote

Live chat

Price: Free

4. Zendesk Sell

Zendesk Sell
Source image: PCmag

Zendesk software comes packed with powerful tools and flexibility. It is scalable for any company’s necessities. Zendesk Sales CRM software has combined tools to give the full context of a client account in a centralized area. It is an all-in-one arena for making calls, sending emails, scheduling meetings, and viewing deal records. Zendesk Sell is counted as the best free CRM for real estate when it comes to automatically tracing all actions and streamlining account surveillance. This free CRM real estate is certainly a feature-rich platform and offers a lot of features that will help you perform various tasks like segmenting and filtering the leads & deals in real time.


Ticketing System

Messaging & live chat

Reporting & analytics


Free trial available for 14 days.

Sell Team: $19 per user per month

Sell Professional: $49 per user per month

Sell Enterprise: $99 per user per month

5. TopProducer

Source image: Troppoducer

Decent for real estate experts who prefer to get insights about the client and follow up using combined email campaigns. It is one of the nicest real estate database software that provides data and tools to organize connections with clients. The application enables real estate agents to engage with home buyers and sellers at several phases in the pipeline. This best free CRM for real estate is high in demand for its efficient untangling of the process of prospecting clients and following up with them smoothly.


Email tracking

Personalized contact and groups

150+ real estate lead sources


Starter: $45 per user per month

Professional: $75 per user per month

Advanced: $85 per user per month

6. IXACT Contact

IXACT Contact
Source image: IXACT

Best free CRM for real estate dealers and companies to assemble and organize connections with clients. It is a feature-packed real estate database software developed specifically for real estate agencies. The software can enable agencies to observe leads and convert them into customers. This free real estate CRM software saves time and effort in building relationships with the client and managing the real estate business.


Google sync

Automated reminders

Mobile app

Personalized mass texts

Capture leads from websites


$33 per month

Trial: Yes | 5-week

7. Contactually

Source image: PC Mag

Contactually, the renowned and best free CRM for real estate experts and industries to supervise interaction with the customers.

It is a professionally built free real estate CRM application that is loaded with a lot of helpful characteristics. The application enables delivering bulk messages daily to customers. It has automated email crusades and integrates with third-party apps such as Mailchimp and Zapier.


Bulk messaging

Integration with Mailchimp and Zapier

Mobile apps

Automated campaigns

Email templates


Professional: $69 per month

Accelerator: $119 per month

8. Follow Up Boss

Follow Up Boss

Follow Up Boss bosses around its competitor for being the best free CRM for real estate agencies that excellently coordinate and follow up with forthcoming leads. It enables realtors to document leads and follow up with them from a solitary area. It automatically imports leads from 200+ sources including Zapier,, Zillow, Facebook, and MailChimp. The realtor CRM app is utilized by various significant real estate agents such as Wemert Group Realty, The Agency Texas, Whissel Realty, and others.


200+ integration

Automatically import and categorize leads

Intuitive dashboard

Mobile app

Drip campaigns templates


Grow: $69 per user per month

Pro: $499 per month with access for up to 10 users 

Platform: $1,000 for up to 30 users per month

Trial: Yes | 14-day

9. LionDesk

Source image: LionDesk

LionDesk is certainly the best free CRM for real estate professionals, mortgage firms, title reps, and agencies to manage relationships and close leads quickly. It gives a lot of helpful characteristics and methods to connect with prospects and intimate leads. The software supports integrations with 100+ apps. It has an easy-to-use interface that saves time in organizing connections and following up with customers.


Bulk text messages

Task reminders

AI lead assists

Auto drip campaigns


Starter: $21 per month

Pro+: $42 per month

Elite: $83 per month

Trial: Yes | 30-day

10. AgileCRM

Source image: youtube

Agile is the best free CRM for real estate and customer management. It is a useful free real estate CRM tool that real estate agents use to manage customers and deals effectively. The application has a deal funnel that separates and makes a grouping of deals based on different stages. It is an all-in-one CRM, sales, and customer service tool to close deals and manage relationships with clients.


Contact management

Track deals

One-click calling and appointment scheduling

Project management

Gamification of the sales team


Free for 10 users

Starter: $8.99 per month

Regular: $29.99 per month

Enterprise: $47.99 per month

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is an all-time excelling tool for any business, be it small or huge. However, it takes some time to get done with setting up. By getting on with a real estate CRM, a bunch of the format is prepared for realtors right out of the box.


Does a real estate agent need a CRM?

Modern and skilled real estate agents can boost their fresh sales of real estate by using CRM software. And if they are just beginning, we recommend trying some of the best free CRM for real estate and exploring the tools, after which they can easily decide which one works for them. A realtor CRM app enables experts to organize and build connections with customers. They can utilize the software for creating leads and following up with possibilities and prevailing clients

What is the best real estate CRM software?

HubSpot and Zillow Premier Agent are decently the best free CRM for real estate that regulates customer connections. But when it comes to organizing and following up on leads, Follow Up Boss is certainly the best free CRM for real estate that you should opt for! Besides, we suggest LionDesk for real estate agencies and mortgage dealers to oversee and organize connections with customers. And if you need a good CRM team alliance app, try Podio.