Best and Easy Hotel Revenue Management Software with Pricing

Are you trying to find a new hotel management system that will give your establishment a PMS, booking engine, channel manager, and website all in one? Whether you’re working on a brand-new development and building out your tech stack or you need to replace a legacy tech stack for a cloud-based all-in-one HMS solution with a contemporary user experience, choosing an HMS is a crucial decision that shouldn’t be taken hastily.

What is revenue management software

Automating the use of analytics is done with hotel revenue management software or RMS. In the hospitality sector, it is used to establish the ideal hotel room rate to maximize revenue and profitability.

This kind of tool, also known as a yield management system and pricing engine, is crucial for all sizes and types of hotels, including chain hotels, independent hotels, bed & breakfasts, and more.

Do you require RMS software to assist you and your revenue management team make better pricing decisions? Unless demand is entirely under your control and your hotel rates are exceptionally unchanging, the answer is yes!


A hotelier may sell the right product at the right price to the right consumer through the right distribution channel using the best hotel revenue management system software.

The tool provides insights and recommendations based on historical data, market triggers, and demand signals for each room type and market segment at the property.

You can set prices appropriately across various distribution channels, thanks to the channel-specific information you receive.

1. supreme accuracy

 To automatically anticipate the budget and income, a competent RMS considers a wide variety of historical and speculative data. As a result, the information you receive is precise, enabling you to calculate the accurate supply and demand for each day of the year—365.

 Each department may make more informed judgments about sales, marketing, and operations with precise forecasts.

2. increased RevPAR

 Finding the ideal combination for your business is the goal of revenue management system software. Its main objective is to strike a balance between occupancy and ADR to maximize income per available room. A modern RMS subtracts acquisition and labor costs to aid in better financial decision-making.

3. Higher operational effectiveness

 You can avoid managing dozens of reports and spreadsheets when you automate revenue management with a solution.  Your employees can concentrate on strategic planning for guest service, marketing, and branding because revenue management software will handle these tasks in the background.


 Imagine this. As a hotel manager, you maintain paper records of all reservations and visitors. Perhaps you’ve updated to an excel spreadsheet. Still, your hotel chain has recently opened three brand-new franchises, and managing multiple bookings and guest information all by yourself is too much for you.

It may be time to invest in hotel management software if this scenario sounds like something that could happen to you and the thought of it makes you uncomfortable. Some of the standard software and REVENUE MANAGEMENT TOOLS  are as follow:


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It gives properties the power to control their pricing strategy and automate rate adjustments in the PMS.PIE forecasts consumer demand to maximize sales and profitability using performance, local market data, competitor rates, and other applied analytics. It is advised for small and medium hotels, hostels, and short-term rental properties across Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, Africa, and Central and South America. It is highly suggested for midscale and affordable houses.

They are starting at 7397 for the most basic package and a few units of the all-in-one solution, which includes PMS, Channel Manager, and Booking Engine. Prices rise depending on the property’s size, number, and features. For an additional cost, modules like PIE can be included.


Image source: Revfine.com

 A straightforward but incredibly effective, totally automated solution. Small to medium-sized hotels’ Holy Grail To maximize your occupancy and revenue, use intelligent price recommendations that are updated several times daily over 365 days.

With just one click, RoomPriceGenie lets you change any price in your PMS or Channel Manager. Alternatively, you may enable auto-updates whenever new data becomes available. Small and medium-sized hotels are advised to use this product in Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, Africa, and Central and South America, and highly suggested for midscale and affordable houses.

For a recommendation engine, prices start at 4027 per month on an annual contract. The total solution cost, which includes automatic pricing uploads to your PMS, starts at $411 per month per room with a minimum of $8137 per month.


Image source: Happy Hotel. Uk

The happy hotel revenue and yield management solution come with a straightforward dashboard that aids the hotelier in the data analysis of the most crucial hotel KPIs.The hotelier can compare and contrast the various hotel KPIs in the analysis section. The booking curve and pickup are shown, along with turnover, RevPAR, ADR, and occupancy. Additionally, market segmentation and booking channels can both display KPIs.

The producing tool and algorithm cost $411 per hotel room per month. Property management system analytics are free.


Source Image: IDEAS.com

Idea’s, a SAS firm, offers the best software and services for revenue management. More than 13,000 clients in 140 countries receive revenue science services from IDeaS, with more than 30 years of experience. Industry expertise and cutting-edge data analytics technology are combined by IDeaS to produce sophisticated yet user-friendly methods for providing revenue leaders with accurate, automated judgments they can rely on.

IDeaS G3 is exceptionally well designed and organized but requires good management training. Essential warnings are displayed in the Information Manager dashboard, while the At A Glance page provides color-coded KPI insights in a simple-to-understand manner.


Management Software
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It will streamline and automate your property’s daily revenue management operations to increase occupancy, ADR, and RevPAR – even during depressed demand, like the COVID-19 pandemic.

 Other RMS providers may claim that their software determines room rates in real-time. Still, they lack the tools necessary to gather data, evaluate it, and then make pricing recommendations based on REAL market conditions.

 The only RMS that makes use of machine learning technology that is sufficiently evolved to process Big Data in real-time as the market develops for all types and sizes of hotels is Lybra’s Assistant. Pricepoint


Image source: Hotelminder

By sending automated changes and pricing suggestions to OTAs along with user notifications through our online or mobile app, Pricepoint is upending traditional hotel technology.

Using cutting-edge data science and machine learning, the experienced team of revenue managers and data scientists at Pricepoint forecasts demand and finds excellent prices to keep your hotel competitive and increase hotel revenues by up to 25%.


Image source: Hotel Tech Report

Utilizing big data from the hospitality sector, hoteliers can fuel real-time customization of their revenue strategy with the Duetto Revenue Management System to gain actionable insights.

The Duetto RMS Platform, powered by demand-based forecasting, flexible automation, and Open Pricing, enables revenue teams to expand lucrative strategies while delivering more excellent customer value through real-time data integrations.

Duetto’s intelligent reporting solutions, which incorporate innovations like open pricing, enable revenue managers to exceed their respective RevPAR indexes.



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Hotels can use Pace’s real-time forecasts, automated analysis, and price sensitivity. With Pace, hotel operators can react to price changes quickly and ensure that the proper reservations are made at the correct times and prices. The system uses statistics and machine learning to convert pricing into a completely automated, real-time recommendation engine.

With effective rate optimization, Pace assists Revenue Managers in forecasting upcoming revenues from on-the-books reservations.


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 Rates Recommended by Competitor Rate Intelligence 365 days, up to four hours of calculations every hour Manual Rate Export to PMS or CM Premium Competitor Rate Intelligence Trend Report and Trend Graphs with AutoPublish – Automated Rate Export to PMS or CM

Standard Package: 411.50 per room per month with a 28767 minimum payment per month. With a minimum monthly cost of 2702090, the Plus Package costs $493.50 per room per month. Professional package: $658.50 per room per month with a $36986 minimum charge. For setup and training, there is a one-time implementation cost.


You need reliable information to locate the best software match for your needs so that you may save time, stick to your budget, and put more effort into expanding your company. This is why we examine and validate every user review and only suggest products that users like you have approved.

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