Top 10 Temperature-Taking App For Android And iOS 2023

No matter what, everyone should use the temperature-taking app because it helps you in many ways. You never know when your body temperature will change. Notably, the body never has the same temperature all the time. It will change from time to time. In such a case, if you fail to know it, then it will make you face any serious health issue.

No fever or health issues affect you all of a sudden. At first, it will show you many symptoms, and later alone, and it will become a health issue. Be it is any health problem if you monitor it before you can prevent it right. Of course, prevention is better than cure. In such a case, if you do check your temperature, you can figure out whether you have a fever or not.

Thus, to check your body temperature, all you want is to download the best temperature-taking app available for both Android and iOS. Of course, installing the app will give a solution for all your health issues. However, choosing one in the middle of a million is hard, so you should know here are some apps. Please take a look at the app list and choose one to prevent your health condition before it gets worse.



iThermometer is a popular temperature-taking app. At the same time, it is the top choice of million users. At the same time, it is the best app all the time. All because it is available for Android and iOS version smartphones. No matter what, you should use a temperature-taking app to help you understand your current body temperature. 

If you check the app’s interface, for sure, you will fall in such a way, and it has been built. Undoubtedly, it is pretty great and makes you understand the app. Not only for the temperature check, but it also provides the data in the form of charts and graphic logs about the fever. Along with that, it will track the temperature of the body and will give a temperature graph of your body.

Body Temperature App

The body temperature app aims for users to maintain their basal body temperature and keep a track record of the different body temperatures. Of course, the body’s temperature will get change from time to time. No matter what, with the help of this app, one can easily keep all the records of your body temperature. 

Be it is minimum or maximum temperature, the app will provide you with a chart and graph. Also, you can get automatic diagrams and graphs of your body temperature; notably, it will indicate your body temperature in standard, high and low body temperature values. Thus, any user can use it to obtain the proper temperature. 



EasyBBQ app is a superb and intelligent temperature-taking app available for Android and iOS. Most importantly, it will give body temperature in real-time on the phone. In short, it is easy to use, and even new users can navigate it effortlessly. At the same time, it is completely customizing. It is customized, and it will give temperature options with a countdown timer.

Plus, a temperature graph compares the current temperature with the previous one. One can be allowed to monitor up to 6 temperature probes in the same period using your Smartphone. 

Body Temperature Recorder

Body Temperature Recorder application is a simple and easy one. It will let you measure the temperature in no time. At the same time, using this temperature-taking app you are allowed to record temperature but also add symptoms from the most common ones. It includes a blocked nose, runny nose, headache, cough, etc.

One can even add comments on the symptoms as well. If you choose to save your notes, it will add date, time, and signs. Thus, you can check later as well. Additionally, you are enabled to send the recorded temperature by e-mail. 



iCelsius is the best temperature-taking app that will allow you to record the temperature’s data and graphs. It uses a temp sensor. Thus, you will get complete details regarding your body temperature, whether high or low. It is the best tool that will help you to take temperature easily. One can imagine straightforwardly.

The user is allowed to look at the previous temperature records simply. So, all you want to do is download and use iCelsius since it has various exclusive features. 


Thermo is another best easy-to-access thermometer app. As it is a free application, you are all set to easily download and install it without spending a bit of money. The reason why you should try using this app is that it will show the temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit straightforwardly. The way it will measure the body temperature is quite impressive. 

Plus, it is accessible for both Android and iOS devices. Thus, it can work well on both devices. It comes with a sensor; therefore, getting the temperature is quite exact. At the same time, it will quickly offer you accurate data. 

Thermometer ++

Thermometer ++

Thermometer ++ is a famous temperature checking application available for Android and iPhone smartphones. Notably, the app will allow you to take the temperature in no time. The main reason why you should prefer using the app is that it will let you straightforwardly understand and use it. You know it will read temperature exactly. 

Thus, both iOS and Android users can use it. Overall it is a superb app that you want to try if you would like to know the temperature. The application has 5 million downloads all over the world.

Vicks SmartTemp Thermometer

Vicks SmartTemp Thermometer is a famous app that will facilitate you to take body temperature. Once you have installed the app, you are all set to manage the temperature and health history of your family members. At the same time, users can make individualized profiles through this body app.

Along with that, this app can automatically record the date, time, and location effortlessly. Also, you can come to know if you have any symptoms of fever and all. Plus, the user can add a note after every temperature reading. It will help to track and can note the symptoms, medicine, and other details in the future. 

Body Temperature Info 

Undoubtedly, it is the best app that will help to measure body temperature. Plus, the app has more than 5 million downloads. The overall size of the app is 5 MB. Of course, it is small and does not ask huge space. Using this app, you are all set to easily know the complete information of your body’s maximum & minimum body temperature range. Truly, you can learn more about your body temperature; even it is normal, you can obtain the values. 

Seek Thermal

Seek Thermal

Seek Thermal is a multi-purpose app that will facilitate one to take temperature anywhere. Yes, it works perfectly in both indoor and outdoor straightforwardly. Importantly, it has won many awards internationally. That is why it is considered the best body temperature app for android and iOS users. No matter what, you can obtain it exactly. 


Thus, you have reached the end of the article. You have checked all the top 10 temperature-taking apps for Android and iOS, right. You are all set to easily choose any based on your choice. It will help you to check the body’s temperature in no time accurately. From the available app, choose anything that fits your requirements. 

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