Top 12 Logo Design App For Android And iOS 2023

No matter what logo is always vital to every business; the logo currently plays a significant role in every organization. Truly, using a logo alone for business can differ from one another. Customers easily recognize your company by checking the logo. However, every business should need a suitable logo. Do you think designing a logo is easy?

Of course, not if you need a good logo, then you should spend a lot. Professional designers will create a better logo according to the requirements; however, if you are a start-up and need to create a logo for any occasion. All you want to do is choose the best logo design app for Android and iPhone devices. 

Of course, with the app’s help, one can easily design a logo straightforwardly. No matter the purpose of creating the logo, one can create it faster with a logo design application, as you all know that the apps are many. Thus to make you stress-free, the top 10 logo design app for Android and iOS. Check below and choose one.

Logo Makr

Logo Maker is the best and most popular logo design app. That’s why even professionals are also using the app. Plus, the application allows you to easily create a logo at any place, such as home, office, or anywhere. No matter your logo-creating requirements, one can easily create it. Regardless of the conditions, one can easily make an attractive logo.  

The available features in the app are convenient to use. Be it is any purpose such as wedding logos, personal branding, and more since it will give a better version of the app straightforwardly. The application will provide the perfect logo. Plus, the app offers its own professionally printed custom logos for your business. 

Designer Logo Maker

Designer Logo Maker

Designer Logo Maker is the most okay app that will enable you to get the job done quicker. The app comes with various features such as font, icons, shapes, color, and background. When you install the app, it will start with some instructions that will allow you to design the logo. The app helps create a logo based on your purpose, no matter what. 

The app comes with simple grid guidelines, and the available in-depth RGB color control makes you create one. The available icons are entirely professional. Plus, it has a vast range of unique font styles, and the shapes of logos are great. 



DesignMantic is a fantastic app for creating a logo. Be it for business or other purposes, one can install the app. It helps you to make the best and most catchy logo. Importantly, it will let you design a professional and creative logo. That’s why the app is considered a high-end platform that you can straightforwardly do.

All you want to do is enter the company’s name and create the logo easily. Notably, the app will suggest many strikers that you should choose from. One thing is that the application will offer you the best ideas to create one. Download it first and then create a logo accordingly. For sure, it will allow you to design a perfect logo.

The app has only three steps to design the logo. Thus, you can download the logo in .jpg, .png, and .pdf formats without any doubt. 

Logo Maker Shop

Logo Maker Shop has a 4.8-star rating on the App store. For those who want to make an attractive and eye-catchy logo for your business or website, the app will let you create it in no time. The available features are user-friendly and comfortable to use. Therefore, even non-techy users can create a logo. From the accessible 1000+ inbuilt templates, you can choose the best logo.

That’s why professional designers are choosing the app. Plus, the app will let you customize your logo template using millions of font styles, font colors, doodles, symbols, shapes, and background features. The app has iCloud support; thus, iPhone or iPad users can edit the logo anytime without any doubt. 

Logo Generator 

Amongst various logo designing apps, Logo Generator is an attractive one. Notably, the app is available for both Android and iOS devices. The app has 2000 symbols and stickers and over 200 fonts and styles. Plus, the app will let you easily make the logo for any purpose. Thus, to create a logo, all you want is to give a little time to this app. 

You can choose any symbol and stickers to make people understand you are creating the logo for your purpose. 

Logo Maker

Logo Maker

Logo Maker is an incredible app preferred by creators and artists. When you look at the app’s logo, for sure, you will fall. In such a technique, it has been designed. By this, you can understand how great it is to use the app. From minimum design to creative level, one can easily make. Also, it has 2000+ templates for users. Thus, doubtlessly it is the best logo design app anyone can create a logo for free. The fast and easy, user-friendly editing features let you beautify the logo straightforwardly. 

The available 150+ stylish fonts facilitate making a logo the way you want. Also, the 5000+ logo icons let you choose the right one according to your choice. Be it any logo icon, it has high resolution. 


LogoScopic is a free logo designing app that has the best rating. Therefore, users can go for it. You know that the app features 850 fully adaptable with a custom-made logo template. When you start to use the app, you will become a master in creating a logo. The app has various advanced editing tools that you should try. 

Also, it supports 100+ hand-picked fonts with innovative typographic features. So, creating a logo is not even a thing in the app. 



Are you looking for a simple logo-creating app? For sure, you should use Brandee. Yes, it is the app available at the top of the list. No matter what, anyone can easily prefer this app to create a logo for their business effortlessly. The application has 500 professionally designed symbols and themes.

However, it has categorized the themes and designs in various formats to make the users reach easily. Thus, both creating and customizing the logo is relatively easy. No matter what, it has a simple and easy interface, and the app is completely customized. 


Undoubtedly, DesignEvo is the best logo for creating an app. Mainly even beginners can straightforwardly make a logo even without any hesitation. At the same time, one can easily create, customize, and design the best logos. Importantly, you are needless to spend any penny to design a logo. Therefore, creating a logo even for your business is relatively easy though you have insufficient technical knowledge. 



Desygner is the best and most easy-to-use logo designing app. Even novices can easily create logos. You are needless to be an expert and all. The app will guide you, and this free logo design app has various features. You will stun by checking millions of templates to try. According to your logo requirements, you can apply any.

Of course, the features are easy to understand, and it is available for both Android and iOS devices. Thus, both users can use it straightforwardly. 

The Bottomlines

Whether for personal or business purposes, you are all set to easily design a logo using the provided app. Undoubtedly, you can create the best logo based on your goal. The apps come with various features as well, thus creating a logo like a pro. Also, the quality of the logo you can create using this app is the ultimate. Hence, try using these apps to get the best logo. 

Adobe Logo Maker

Adobe Logo Maker

Adobe’s logo maker tool is by far the best solution for creating a professional logo. The AI-powered tool offers versatility, comfort, ease of use, quickness, and extremely quality logos for all types of businesses and purposes. In line with other tools offered by Adobe, it can be used across multiple channels, and offers thousands of free templates and a lot of images, and fonts, making it packed with an incredible arsenal for a free logo maker.
If you’re a professional designer or just a beginner at creating logos, you’ll find this tool to be incredibly handy and intuitive, everything an authoritative business needs.

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