5 Secret Messaging Apps That Look Like Games

If you want to make some messages confidential and do not want to read them out by others, you must go with a hiding option, which is an effective way to protect. With great mobile app development, several free apps are out to hide the message, which is more comfortable and easy for mobile phone use. 

Let us discuss 5 secret messaging apps that look like games.

1.Calculator pro+ private message and call screening app:

Calculator pro

Text message out, but no one will access and know about without you. Calculator pro+ private message and call screening app provide a private conversation will help to hidden. This app allows the customer to send unlimited audio files, videos, photos, and other messages. It becomes quite simple and easy to use on the phone without being known to anyone. It is one of the highly secure secret messaging apps that look like games to install and chat insecure manner.


  • Users can open the calculator app and set a wish password.
  • Each text message are hidden from prying eyes 
  • There is nobody identify that it is not calculator
  • You have to make use of the proper function 
  • You can simply set a timeout, and it will close automatically according to the designated time. 
Types of apps

2.Hide SMS Hide Messages Texting:

It is not much popular in the market, but it still needs to be used to hide the chats from prying eyes. The app’s icon never shows that anything when someone has taken the phone and needs to find out the chats and another message. Once you install such an app, it never identifies that this app is the message. The icons show as games of solitaire, card games.


  • Protect your message with the passwords 
  • Even if the app gets open by others but about able to read the private conversation 
  • Message deliver silently 

3.Wickr Me:

Wickr Me

Wickr is one of the faster and secure messengers in the world, and it allows sending messages and voice messages. But it can make video class with high quality. This message will self-destruct over the sender’s mobile and device of the recipient after some time. The user has to set enough time to delete the message. The time will be set from one second to different days. It has the option of games with hidden chat features that become easy to use without knowing another person.


  • Applicable to make the group chat up to 10 people.
  • It allows sharing photos and videos 
  • This app allows taking photos and videos 
  • It is applicable to download different files from the phone.
  • Messenger lets to attach the end number of media files simultaneously.
  • It has a sticker, emoji. 



The wire is a complete secured messenger which offers all aspects of communication. It is boosted with end-to-end encryption, and it allows sharing text, videos, voice messages, and sound cloud songs with the friendly and followers. You need to make an account and verify with your email ID to use the wire.


  • It developed with a special design and simple interface 
  • Messenger allows playing YouTube 
  • It allows getting special contact attention with missing call
  • Each conversation is encrypted and highly secure. 
Types of apps



It is one of the rights and best options, such as secrete messenger for chatting with no traces. It is an application to use for both private and group chats. It is boosted with special features such as anonymous messages, chats, encryption, etc. Message sent as soon as possible and deleted immediately. When read, they are also deleted and more convenient, and you can simply send the document, videos filed securely. 


  • It built with new design and sound 
  • It built with a user-friendly interface 
  • It has become a convenient way to read 
  • No one can read the private message


Using the top 5 above mention app gives more comfort to chat securely without knowing anyone. This game’s logo looks like a game and another manner. therefore you can install and start using the mobile phone to chat without any trouble of it. 

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