10 Best Alternative Apps Like Snapchat

Are you exhausted from using the same filters and stickers in Snapchat? No worries, you should appreciate the creators who have developed apps like Snapchat with many features. The reason why Snapchat has become a popular app amongst users is because of the volatile messaging quality. Notably, the primary reason behind its success is the instant messages and self-vanishing options. 

However, if one thinks that these features are nowhere, then it’s absolutely erroneous. No matter, whether you are looking for an application that helps to send messages with many filters. Along with searching for self-vanishing features, the below-provided apps will give you the treat. Take a look at the list of apps that look like Snapchat. 



Clipchat is a fantastic app that resembles Snapchat in various terms. In specific, when it comes to photos, it will let one vanish themselves. Thus, users feel free to send it to anyone effortlessly. The interface is utterly friendly even you can do any tasks with one click. Henceforth, as mentioned prior, this app will come under apps like Snapchat since if one sends a photo via Clipchat, the receiver will get a blurred preview of that image. 

Therefore, if the recipient taps on the image, an animation effect will appear later alone. They will get the basic version. Of course, it is available on Snapchat for photos; whereas, here in Clipchat it is set for video-sharing too.

2. Yovo:-

A prominent feature that every user love about Snapchat is that no media file such as pictures and others won’t exist after a while. However, what you will do if the receiver takes a screenshot of it. Undoubtedly, it is unsafe to let the files and personal details you have sent on someone’s device. That’s why Yovo comes up with a feature to secure its users.

This application does not stop the receiver from taking screenshots even though it will make it useless. Thus, when they try to screenshot the screen, it will put a static distortion wave on display. Everything on the screenshot will get blurred. None can do anything with blur content. 

3. Sweet Face Camera:-

Sweet Face Camera

Doubtlessly, Snapchat is famous for its unique collections of “face filters.” For users who are all obsessed with the filter feature of Snapchat, then Sweet Face Camera is certainly a great replacement. If you choose to take selfies, this application will make you wonder since it has unique filters, beauty effects, and stickers.

The application has caught 100 million users currently. Significantly, it will never exhaust one as it comes with surprising and endless choices of filters as well as special effects. Additionally, the GIFs making feature has taken this app to the next level. Yes, users can create GIFs through Sweet Snap.

4. Bigo Live:-

If you hunt for the most promising app, which looks like Snapchat, your optimal choice is Bigo Live. The Play Store has many apps; however, none have the features you are looking for it. But Bigo Live will remain astonishing. You will stun by checking its unique features. 

Yes, it will allow users to live-stream and share their everyday things easily. You don’t have to stop just with that even it assists users to showcase their talents and interests globally. It is the famous and most used live streaming platform currently. By going live, users can earn a lot of fans through that one can enhance income. No matter what one interest is, it will help in many ways. 

5. Slingshot:-


Slingshot is a fast messaging app, but this is not alone the reason to put it under the category of Snapchat. It has the feature to send out temporary messages. Notably, Slingshot allows users to respond to their friend’s media files uniquely via photos and videos by creating on their own. 

Once you have taken an image or video, this app will offer two options that users can choose any. Whether the picture or video you have taken hasn’t come out well, then you are all set to pick the ‘reshoot’ option. So, one can quickly go for another shot. When you choose to shoot again, it will review your work and let you edit as well. No matter how you wish to edit can easily do. 

6. Wickr Me:-

Those who prioritize privacy alongside should comprise features of Snapchat, and then Wickr Me is your choice of all. Are you hearing about Wickr Me for the first time? No surprise, it isn’t a popular app like others. However, nothing can compete with the security features. Of course, none of your details, such as your phone number or email address, are required to use this app. 

Even it does not ask your contacts. Wickr Me has the option to send and receive encrypted messages, photos, and videos. Users who have fallen for a self-vanishing content feature in Snapchat find encrypted content a better way to secure things from authorization. 

Alongside the function called shredder permanently gets rid of messages, images, and videos. Users also get the option to customize their photos and videos with filters, stickers, and graffiti. Here the possibilities are massive to choose from it. 

7. Cyberdust:-


Cyberdust is undoubtedly a replacement for Snapchat. Of course, it is an instant messaging platform with outstanding features. Notably, it has a self-destructive message feature that’s why this app is an alternative for Snapchat. Along with it has some other marvelous features under its roof. 

Not the messages alone; even stickers, GIFs, animations, URLs one sent will disappear within some minutes. This platform will let users edit pictures by adding captions. The image pinning feature has taken this app to a whole new level. Thus, searching for a conversation won’t be a tricky thing. 

When it comes to security, Cyberdust stands out from the crowd since users can send encrypted images. Therefore, unauthorized persons can’t access it. In case if recipients try to screenshot your message, Cyberdust will notify it. Thereby you can safeguard media files from misuse. It has another feature called Blast message. Thus, you can forward the same message to multiple people. Eventually, Cyberdust is undoubtedly similar to Snapchat in terms of security and fun. 

8. Snow:-


Snow is an app that looks accurately like Snapchat. The central theme of Snow is to share images. The custom beauty effects are worth the hype. Also, its stunning filters make your selfie look great at the end. One can also create a video using those stickers. Undoubtedly, Snow is the best alternative app for Snapchat. 

9. Banuba:-

Banuba has an AR feature, thus making realistic facial animation is a piece of cake. Therefore, changing one’s face adorable is effortless here. Alongside, you can include audio, GIFs, and texts. So, it is a complete package that every user should make use of it. A notable feature in Banuba is that it will enable users to create slow-motion selfies and add slideshows.

Apart from everyday users, even e-commerce and other technology companies can also use it.

However, it’s a paid service, so that you can trust its features blindfold. 

10. Cluster:-

As you all know, the meaning of Cluster is called a group. It is an application that is exactly like Snapchat, but one thing is Cluster helps users to maintain privacy. Of course, the platform enables users to share videos and photos with their friends and family privately. 

Yes, one can make a group in which you are all set to share anything easily. It is defined as a private group. Other than the group members, none can view the pictures and videos shared. It is highly personal, which means you can share your things with the close ones you want to see.


Undeniably, Snapchat is the only social media platform that comes with the disappearing images and stories feature. However, if you still look for apps like Snapchat with striking features, the overhead mentioned apps will undoubtedly fulfill your needs. Along with securing your things, one can get limitless filters and stickers to use. 

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