How To Share Location With Family: 5 Best Tools

Maintaining contact with our loved ones is more crucial than ever in the fast-paced world of today. The capacity to share our whereabouts with family members has developed into a crucial aspect of our digital life, whether it’s for ease, safety, or just keeping tabs on each other. Thankfully, many tools at your disposal make this job simple and hassle-free.

We’ll look at the top five tools in this article for telling your family where you are. With a variety of capabilities available, including real-time tracking and customizable privacy settings, these technologies make it possible for you to keep your loved ones updated on your whereabouts while upholding your limits. So come along with us as we explore the world of location-sharing tools if you’re seeking methods to improve the safety and well-being of your family.

Google Maps:

Google Maps

A location-sharing tool is available in Google Maps, a well-liked navigation app, which may be used to keep your family in touch. You may communicate your current position with certain individuals of your family or friends using Google Maps. The software is flexible and convenient because it lets you specify how long you want to broadcast your whereabouts. You may more effectively organize and plan your activities by viewing the projected arrival times of the people you are linked with on Google Maps. The app also offers location history and the option to temporarily share your position with people who don’t use Google Maps by sending them a link. To improve your driving, Google Maps also displays traffic, lights, and signs on the map.

For free, Google Maps is accessible on all platforms, including iPad, iPhone, and Android. It is also accessible online.

Find My Friends:

Find My Friends:

Find My Friends Apple created the well-known location-sharing software Find My Friends. It enables you to quickly inform friends and family who are a part of your chosen circle of where you are. Families using iPhones or iPads will find the software to be great as it works flawlessly across all iOS devices. You can set up geofences with Find My Friends to get alerts when your loved ones enter or leave particular locations in addition to seeing their current whereabouts in real-time. Those parents who want to monitor their children’s whereabouts will find this function to be especially helpful. Additionally, Find My Friends has a useful location history tool that enables you to look back on previous places and follow the activities of your family members over time. The Find My Friends app differs from others in that it also allows you to generate location-based alerts. You can view all of your Apple devices in the Family Sharing section of the Find My Friends app and view their current locations on a map.



Life360 is a feature-rich location-sharing app for families that is accessible on iOS as well as Android devices. Beyond simple location sharing, a wide range of functionalities are available. You can make private “Circles” with Life360 and invite family members to join. The software offers driving safety features, real-time location updates, and even collision detection, which can immediately notify authorities in the event of an accident. Additionally, Life360 has a panic button feature that lets family members instantly alert others in an emergency.

The software also offers a thorough location history for every Circle member and lets you create location-based reminders. Life360 is a powerful tool for families wishing to stay connected and assure each other’s safety thanks to its wide range of features. The Life360 app is available for iPad, iPhone, and Android.


The Verge

An easy-to-use location-sharing app is Glympse, which is available for iOS and Android devices. You can share your location with relatives or friends for a set amount of time thanks to its simplicity and convenience of use. Receivers can view your whereabouts using Glympse’s real-time tracking feature and distinctive web-based interface without having downloaded the app. It is easier to share with those who might not have the app loaded thanks to this functionality. Automatic check-ins, which Glympse also lets you set up, can periodically share your whereabouts with particular contacts and can be done so at predetermined intervals.

Anyone may share real-time locations with anyone using Glympse thanks to its simple UI.

Everyone can see where you are currently if you share it in public groups or make it available to them.


Bleeping Computer deals

With its strong location-sharing capabilities, GeoZilla seeks to keep families connected and protect them. GeoZilla, which is available for iOS and Android smartphones, has several features which make it a top pick for families looking for a dependable location-sharing solution. Real-time tracking is one of GeoZilla’s most noteworthy capabilities. You may have peace of mind knowing where each member of your family is at all times by viewing their precise location on a map. The software also includes geofencing, which enables you to create fictitious limits and get alerts when family members enter or depart particular areas. Parents who wish to secure the safety of their children or who want to keep track of older family members can find this tool to be especially helpful. Besides location sharing, GeoZilla has a lot of other practical functions. Family members can connect within the app without using external texting services thanks to its built-in messaging platform. The app also has a location record feature that lets you look back at previous locations and follow your loved ones’ travel paths.


Your whereabouts to family members are essential for remaining safe and making sure they are safe. The five top location-sharing solutions reviewed in this post come with a variety of capabilities to suit various requirements. While life360 offers extensive safety protections, find my friends enables ios users easy share. While glympse emphasizes simplicity and momentary sharing, google maps integrates navigation and location sharing. With its real-time monitoring, geofencing, messaging, plus privacy options, geozilla distinguishes out. To improve security and tranquility of mind for your family, take into account your priorities and select the equipment that best meets your demands. By using these top location-sharing tools, you can stay informed, connected, and worry-free.

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