How to Record on Spectrum TV app: Step-by-Step Guide

Applications are a super convenient way to make life easy and accessible. The Spectrum TV app lets you do just that. You can operate it from inside and outside of your house. Although it can’t quite replace the cable, it does offer you some perks such as live streaming and function as a remote (that is most often lost under the sofa!)

Does Spectrum have a DVR recording?

Are you wondering how to record on the spectrum tv app? Or perhaps you tried recording your favorite tv episodes on the spectrum tv app but had no idea how to navigate it? Don’t worry if that’s you. We have prepared a step-by-step guide to help you how to record on the spectrum tv app. First, let’s answer some questions -Does spectrum have a DVR recording?

  • Yes, Spectrum offers a DVR recording service with Spectrum Cloud DVR (cDVR) and cDVR Plus, you can record up to 50 live shows simultaneously on cDVR (cloud DVR), and this number is hiked to 100 with cDVR Plus.
  • You can save the recordings for up to 90 days in cDVR and one year with Plus.
  • It also offers you unlimited streams at home and three outside.

How to record on the Spectrum TV app?

Scheduling recordings on Spectrum TV apps

For scheduling a Program:

  • Find your favorite series you need to record.
  • Select the show to see the page information.
  • Press Record and a confirmation text will appear with a red circle if your recording is successfully scheduled.

To Record a Program:

  • Get page information by selecting the program.
  • Press ‘Record series’
  • Choose from the following options – To record new episodes or all the episodes. To save To set up a Start or End time choosing a particular channel for the purpose of recording.
  • After you are sure what to select, press ‘Record’ or ‘Confirm’. Watching or deleting recordings

For getting recorded programs

  • Head over to your specific device library
    • On iOS devices or Android and, head to My Library – Recordings.
    • Select your favorite show and press play.

For deleting a current recording:

  • Head over to the information page of the program.
    • Select delete recording.
    • Give confirmation of your selection on the next screen.

For Cancelling ongoing Recordings:

  • You can locate your recordings in the library program.
  • On iOS devices or Android, head over to DVR –> My recordings
  • One Apple TV and Roku, visit My Library- > recordings.
  • Click on the show on the scheduled list and get to the show information page.
  • Press cancel series or cancel.

Can you use spectrum cloud DVR Roku?

Yes, you can most definitely use the Spectrum TV app on your Roku device. The application has been updated to the latest for complimenting Roku devices.

  • Go to your Roku Channel store.
  • Click on the ‘Watch with cable’ icon or write ‘Spectrum TV’ inside the search box.
  • Click on Spectrum.
  • Download the Spectrum app.
  • With your current charter broadband account, sign in with your credentials.
  • Now you can start streaming. There you go.

The Roku models and Spectrum app

Please make sure your Roku devices are up to date before starting the process. In case your Roku device happens to be outdated, you shall need to update your device in other to proceed further. Check your model for more information.

Follow the following two-step:


  • You can head over Home.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Press on ‘Software Update’
  • Click on ‘Check’.

If you do not see your device listed, then do a system update by following the steps below:

  • Head over to ‘Home’ on your screen.
  • Look for ‘Settings’ in the panel.
  • Click on ‘System updates’ in the options.
  • Click ‘Check now’ to confirm.

You might get a message on your app on 3/17. Follow this guide to keep watching Spectrum TV.

How to record on Spectrum on Windows/Mac using third-party software

[ Note: In accordance with copyright laws, the content that is copyright protected bans anyone recording with DRM protection. When using third-party software record for personal use only).

You can use third-party screen recording software to record on the Spectrum TV app called.

  • Open your screen recorder.
  • You will need to configure your preferences. (Different for every software)
  • Go to Record mode.
  • Choose the area of the screen you need to record.
  • Choose your audio output.
  • Select your video format preferences.
  • Such as frame rate, quality, and format.
  • Set the record timer.
  • You can also schedule it.
  • Click on, the ‘Rec’/’Record’ menu.
  • Confirm your selection choices.
  • Go back and open your Spectrum TV application.
  •  You can then come back here after you are done recording.
  • Press on, ‘Stop’.

There you go, with this method, you can record all your Tv programs from the Spectrum TV app without ever worrying about missing your live shows when occupied elsewhere.


Spectrum TV gives you the freedom to choose live channels ranging from more than 200, it is a very popular application. Spectrum’s latest update allows you to have multiple access over different devices such as tablets, laptops, and smartphones. Watch from anywhere and on the go. Do bookmark our website for solution-based guides.

 If you need any more information on TV cables you can check out our other articles.

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