How to Get Rid of Duplicate Apps on Android: 5 Methods

Are you using multiple copies of the same app on your Android phone and want to delete the duplicate ones? If you are new to this concept, let us introduce it. A feature on some Android phones allows you to download multiple copies of a single app and use all of them as the original.

Now, if you have more than one account of an app, you can use each of them on different copies of the app. Although it makes your work easier, it makes your phone slower as well. These apps consume storage space and other resources, which leads to performance issues.

For different apps, there are various methods for regular updates. The support facilities for them also work differently for each app. App icons make it easier to differentiate and identify all the apps. The ease of enjoying the usage of apps can be diminished when you have multiple duplicate icons for different apps over the phone.

To avoid the confusion caused by the duplicity of app icons, you need to understand how to get rid of duplicate apps on Android.

Ways to Remove Duplicate Apps

Here, we can learn some methods to get rid of duplicate app icons on Android phones. It helps to make your Android phone operations smooth and uninterrupted while making them safe from virus attacks through unknown App icons.

In different cases, it is seen that the duplicate icons are malware. Once you click them, they make changes in programs, damage the privacy rules, or may annoy you by slowing down the internet speed. So, instead of wasting time over the discussion of what duplicate app icons can do, we should move on to the remedy and solution for the same.

Reinstall or Update App

Most of the time, it is seen that if an app is not working properly, there might be an error. Due to such unwanted errors, you can see a duplicate icon for the app. The easiest solution for the same is to update the app. In case the problem persists, you can update it from the Play Store.

If you do not find the solution, you can reinstall the app after uninstalling it from your Android phone. Other side apps, if not required, should be avoided. In case you still have requirements for some side apps, only install them from the Play Store.

Update Operating System

Another solution to deal with this problem is to update your OS. Through system settings, you can reach System Update. In different Android phone sets, the options may look different due to variance in the handset. Look for the update; once found, you need to proceed with the installation.

The system update helps in so many such unwanted cases. It heals most of the issues you are not aware of. Android phones can face many unwanted errors and bugs, which can be eliminated through the process of an operating system update.

Remove Malware & Virus

The duplicate icons for different apps on your phone can be a symbol of some virus attack. Some intruders want to look in your phone for some specific data or details, and malware attacks are made. Any unknown icons for apps should not be pressed by users. These icons can be harmful.

You should keep the antivirus program on your phone for complete scanning. If you don’t have one, instantly get it downloaded from Play Store and go for a complete scan for the phone. If any malware is found, you can follow on-screen steps to fix the issue. Also, be sure that the issue is resolved properly.

Clean the Cache

Due to cache files on your Android phones, you can see multiple icons for the same apps. You can fix it through the settings on the phone. Find out the apps with which you are facing such trouble. After finding such apps, clear the data from them, which is in the form of a Cache.

Once the task is done, rebooting all the apps is necessary for the proper performance of the Android phone. Photos are the major data item with a high ratio of duplicity; you can use a duplicate finder to detect and remove duplicates. Hundreds of online resources will help you in deleting duplicates in case you want to learn more about the process.

Check Android Launcher Cache

The cache from Android Launcher impacts the home screen of the Android phone. You need to clean the cache for the same for unwanted hindrances that you might see in the future. We recommend you back up your Android data before you take a step ahead to clear the cache.

Once you are done with the process, check once if your phone does not have any duplicate app icons. If you still find any, the process should be repeated. You can use third-party alternative apps to make your work easy and efficient.

The Conclusion

So, these are the steps for resolving your query on how to get rid of duplicate apps on Android. The solutions mentioned above are easy. No matter whether you are a pro or a new user of Android phones, you can easily execute them.

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