Top 7 Siri Alternative Apps Available for Android

Over the years, Google has received a lot of data from Gmail users, Android owners, and YouTube viewers. Now Google is a function that shows you information before you even realize you want it. Based on your search history, what you’ve seen, and what has entered your email, Google Now has sent suggestions.

 1. Google Assistant

 1. Google Assistant
Google Play

The Google Assistant is now available. It is a droid version of Siri; Google Assistant acts like Siri and engages in more interaction with you. However, given the wealth of data Google has access to, you might prefer Assistant’s responses to Siri’s.

Most Android phones now include Google Assistant, which is equivalent to Siri for Android. You can get to it on some devices by holding your phone to the side or hitting the Home button.

The Assistant can make appointments on the calendar and respond to inquiries. Google is still working to broaden our perception of what a PDA is capable of. You can make reservations and start calls on your phone.

Look no further if you simply want a functioning substitute for the Siri that most likely came with your phone. 

2. Microsoft Cortana

2. Microsoft Cortana
Microsoft Docs

Apple provides Siri. Google Assistant is available on android as well. Microsoft created the Siri alternative Cortana after realizing that Windows phones lacked a particular feature. However, the business did not stop there. Versions for iOS and android were later made available.

Cortana may have the most appeal compared to Google Assistant due to its cross-platform accessibility. Windows 10 includes a personal assistant with a Halo-inspired design. Similar to how you speak to your smartphone or tablet, you can also converse with your computer.

Installing Cortana on your phone is actually best done for this cross-platform synchronization. Why not maintain the same interaction if you already do it on your PC and Xbox? Additionally compatible with Amazon Echo devices is Cortana. However, you might want to move on to the next item on the list if you generally use the Amazon system rather than the Microsoft system.

3. Amazon Alexa

3. Amazon Alexa
Google Play

Only the Kindle Devices were its widely recognized consumer goods. However, the company’s Echo smart speaker has become popular, making Alexa a well-known name globally. 

Like smart speakers, the Android app can read news headlines and your playlist, tell the weather and make jokes. The Alexa app provides an excellent way to manage things if you have smart home appliances that are a part of the Amazon ecosystem. Access to a library is another feature of the app. Skills for Alexa the wide.

To choose Alexa as your preferred Siri replacement app for android, you don’t have to need an Amazon Echo speaker or other smart home gadgets, but this is the primary justification.

4. Lyra Virtual Assistant

4. Lyra Virtual Assistant
Apps On Windows

A cross-platform Siri alternative called Lyra, known initially as Indigo made its debut in 2013. One of Lyra’s key benefits continues to be the capacity to carry on a conversation across many devices. No matter where you are, Lyra will carry on the chat if you’re signed in on your computer or have the mobile app loaded. Then you may communicate with it in more than 70 different languages.

The Lyra app features a straightforward interface that leads you and provides tips on the kinds of instructions that Lyra can understand. Within the app, you may read the news, interpret spoken words, and listen to music.

The Lyra app may appear simple, but the experience is dependent on the online service. 

5. Robin

Google Play

You might not be overly thrilled about disclosing your information to businesses that provide digital help apps. Thankfully, there are additional Siri alternative choices from smaller developers.

In search of some Siri-like snark? The development team for Robin intentionally aimed to make an app that resembles a rival to Apple’s digital Assistant. This creates a choice worthwhile for those looking for a similar experience on android who are less interested in finding a Siri substitute.

Robin serves more as a control tool than as a means of information display. Consider Robin as a companion that rides along with you as you search for information and perform tasks while your hands are on the wheel.

6. Dragon mobile assistant

6. Dragon mobile assistant

Perhaps you want something that feels like a big corporation, but without the privacy worries that come with having a personal assistant designed by a business that already knows a lot about you. Nuance, the company behind some of the Siri alternative software for computers and mobile devices, is the source of Dragon Mobile Assistant. It’s possible that this lies somewhere between the giants and the abyss.

“Hello Dragon” elicits a response from Dragon Mobile Assistant. Although it is not highly conversational, it does provide answers to common inquiries regarding the weather and other information, such as Mount Everest’s elevation. It allows you to send emails and posts to social networks, which both capitalize on one of the app’s key advantages.

Since Dragon utilizes its own speech dictation engine rather than Google’s, it’s likely that this Assistant captures your voice more accurately. If so, you can choose to make the Dragon always pay attention to your commands, even while the screen is off.

7. Smart voice assistant

A few of these Siri alternative apps appear to be dated. The intelligent voice assistant is not a finished product created from nothing. You can first look over the list of functions that can be used with voice commands and create your own unique keyword phrases. Additionally, you can provide the names of particular contacts and phone numbers. At first, this may seem tedious, but once you’re done, you’ll be fully aware of what your system is capable of.

Intelligent Voice Assistant doesn’t have the same level of polish as a one-person project as more well-funded or established projects. 


It is not possible to get the Siri app for android. Although Siri is well-known for her kind responses, Android smartphones and tablets cannot utilize it because it is Apple’s Personal Assistant.

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