9 Best Science Apps For Kids To Learn Science

Make learning about physics, chemistry, and biology fun for your kid with these amazing applications that are based on games, and guide them through the scientific disciplines in a digital format. When we checked them, all of the facts were accurate; however, please keep in mind that some science apps for kids programmes have a very limited lifespan and may become unavailable for download in the future. We are unable to give any kind of assurance that the app listings that we provide are, at all times, entirely up to date.

Best for KS1 kids

Science Adventure

Science Adventure, which stars Klatoo the helpful extraterrestrial, is a game that assesses your child’s knowledge through a series of interactive animations and experiments. For instance, your child will be asked to drag various items, such as a cork and a brick, into a container of water to determine whether or not they float. There are three distinct subjects discussed in this book: plants, animals, and the kids science games. Each subject has its own set of educational exercises that your kid may go through at their own speed and return to in order to bolster their self-assurance.

Best for KS2 kids


Your Minecraft-obsessed youngster is going to go crazy for this augmented reality programme that lets them construct things in three dimensions by making use of the camera on their mobile device tappity. Your youngster will be exposed to the fundamentals of physics as they construct towers and bridges out of blocks composed of various materials such as stone, ice, and wood.

The achievement of their goal is contingent on the methods of building that they use as well as the components that they make use of. Ice, for instance, is slick and might cause their tower to fall over. Your kid will acquire knowledge about pressures, materials, friction, and surfaces as they explore in the Creative mode or test their construction talents in competitions against up to three friends using various devices science apps for kids. These competitions may take place across many platforms.

The best app for biology

Gene Quest
App Store

Gene Quest is an engaging and engrossing platform game that was developed by Centre of the Cell in London, which is a centre for the exploration of biomedical sciences. The game educates your youngster about genes, DNA, and medical research.

These science apps for kids will be used in the search for persons who have genetic knockouts, which are changed genes that provide disease resistance. They do this by collecting sample kits along the route in order to test the saliva of local residents. In addition to that, they have the opportunity to rack up additional points by acquiring healthy lifestyle enhancements from science kids game. They have seven minutes to get as many knockouts as feasible in the opponent.

The top choice for deranged scientists

PBS science
Ket education

If you suspect that your kid may one day become a crazy scientist, then you should get them this mesmerising software that examines the periodic table. It includes 79 brief video segments, each of which is connected to an element of the periodic table and demonstrates the properties of that element on PBS science. Your kid may explore the elements by hovering over the periodic table and clicking on the one they are interested in learning more about science apps for kids. After that, it displays a description of the component along with a video that accompanies it, which may range from the weird to the exquisite.

Best for children who like putting together puzzles.

play and learn science
Google Play

This programme, which is based on games, is called Dynamite Learning, and it is designed to test your child’s understanding of the scientific themes covered in Key Stage 1 of the National Curriculum. These topics play and learn science including plants, animals, commonplace materials, and seasonal changes.

There are three different activities: the Blast Quiz, in which your child will need to respond to questions pertaining to science; the Matching Pairs activity is the best science apps for kids, in which they will need to match a science-related word with its definition; and the Word Search activity, in which they will need to locate words that are related to the selected topic.

The best app for engineers

science games app

Children may learn about the principles of physics by doing experiments in the science games app, which has won several awards. Your child’s role is to come up with ideas to help solve a certain situation, such as the rescue of an animal from an overhanging branch. Their task is to employ physical phenomena like magnetism and gravity in a manner that will allow them to build a structure out of a variety of materials including planks and tubes.

The best chemistry app

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This programme is perfect for aspiring chemists who want to learn about the characteristics of various elements, compounds, and minerals. Starter components are provided to help your youngster learn about the world around him or her on the science apps for kids. Their next step is to mix them in pairs in order to see what occurs, such as when water and fire combine to generate steam.

This is the best app for those who are curious.

best app for those who are curious
curious world

Elements use hands-on, lab-based activities to teach youngsters about the periodic table. Test tubes, centrifuges, Bunsen burners and oscilloscopes are just a few of the tools your kid will learn about in the lab while they play! An element from the periodic table may be selected for experimentation with heat, cold and magnetism to create reactions like evaporation or explosion.

Best for experimentation

This virtual science lab

This virtual science lab explains elementary physics and chemical experiments via interactive activities on science apps for kids. It guides your kid through projects that mostly employ household items, such as creating a water pump using a plastic bottle, a straw, and a balloon. The augmented reality software enables your youngster to snap images of evidence to learn about ancient animals. New missions are unlocked when your youngster earns stars for accomplished assignments in science apps.


Inspiring a sense of wonder and learning about the world are at the heart of all that science has to offer, from the properties of plants and animals to those of Earth and space. Kids may learn the skills of a scientist such as asking questions, making observations, collecting data, and reviewing their results by using these fantastic applications, games, and websites. In addition, kids can widen their awareness of the numerous subjects of science.

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