9 Best Augmented Reality Apps

 “AR” technology, translated as “augmented reality,” has become more common in smartphone apps in recent years. In addition to entertainment fields such as games, it is also used in work sites, education, marketing, and so on.

 What is an AR app? 

 An augmented reality apps is an application that displays images that combine “real world” and “digital information” on a smartphone.

For example, you used to look at paper catalogs when choosing shoes and furniture. Now, with AR technology, you can use the camera function to project the room on the augmented reality apps and call the digital information of the furniture into your room to simulate the room’s interior.

Alternatively, you can try on your shoes by using the camera function to show your foot on the app and recall the digital information of the shoe on your foot. You can lead a more convenient and entertaining life by fusing real and virtual space.

What is Augmented Reality?

A technology that expands the real world by adding other information enables a richer and more convenient experience.

AR is an abbreviation of “Augmented Reality” that superimposes images and texts that are not there on the actual landscape. It is a standard game technology, but it has recently evolved again.

For example, a dinosaur. You can call a life-sized AR dinosaur into real space just by searching Google on your smartphone. There are also movements and crying productions, and it is as if Tyrannosaurus is there. ar application can be called an “extension of reality.”

 9 Augmented Reality Apps

Augmented reality apps already have a place in our daily lives. Despite this, this technology is still very attractive to us and versatile due to all the possibilities of use it has. 

Thus, unlike virtual reality apps that require powerful equipment to work, you only need a mobile phone to enjoy augmented reality apps. 

Myty AR

Myty AR
Google play

Augmented reality application are your best buddies if you’re considering house remodeling. Undoubtedly, one of the most challenging things is to imagine the final result of reform. In addition, it also allows you to create virtual rooms, changing the walls, the type of floor, and adding doors or windows, to preview what that room will be like. 

Ikea Place

Ikea Place
Google Play

If designer furniture isn’t your thing and you’re more into Ikea, you also have the Ikea Place augmented reality app. Although Ikea had already made some first steps with AR in the latest editions of its catalog, it has finally ended up launching a specific app. 

Free and with versions for iOS and Android, it’s perfect for discovering new models. It is also ideal in those moments when you doubt which model of sofa or shelf will be better in your living room.

Civilisations AR

Civilisations AR
Civilization AR

There are examples of augmented reality for all tastes. You’ll adore Civilizations AR, an augmented reality apps tied to the same-named BBC series if you have a passion for history. Wherever you go, you can use it to unlock the mysteries of 30 items from various eras and civilizations. Accessible on both iOS and Android.


Google Play

We could say that it is a coloring book 2.0 item available on their website for free download. Once they’ve been colored, the app brings them to life with animations and special effects that will make kids speechless. The Quiver app is available for iOS and Android.



With WallaMe, you can use augmented reality to write or draw on walls or any other surface in the actual world. Since you can share your wall with anybody you want—just your friends or the entire world—this software combines the social component.

A map lets you discover the walls that others have created near you. 

Star Walk 2

Star Walk 2

Enjoying the starry sky is a luxury. But often, we have difficulty recognizing which constellation we have in front of us. With this augmented reality app, you only have to point to the sky to clear any doubts. Star Walk 2 allows you to distinguish which star, planet, or constellation is in front of you. This Best ar apps for iPhone also have other utilities such as the astronomical calendar, sunrise and sunset times, among others. 

Just a Line

Just a Line

With Just a Line, you can make simple drawings in AR and share them with short videos. Although you can draw alone, it is more fun to share it with friends since you can connect to a friend’s phone through the app and draw together. 


Google Play

Thinking of getting a tattoo? The first always imposes: it is something permanent. Having doubts about how it will look or in which area of the body to do it are frequent. Inkhunter helps you make the decision.


Google Play

How often have you needed to take a measurement but forgotten where you kept the meter? Thanks to RA, your mobile device now enables you to replace it.

The height and length of items or surfaces can be measured with this Google-developed Android app. You can also copy your measurements to the clipboard or take pictures of them.


What software is used for augmented reality?

 Here are five major augmented reality app development tools that can be easily developed and are widely used.
1. Apple ARKit
“Apple ARKit” is an AR development tool provided by Apple. In the latest version of “ARKit 4”, “Depth API,” which realizes advanced scene recognition, has been introduced, and the reality of the ar apps android experience has been further improved.
2. Amazon Sumerian
“Amazon Sumerian” is an AR / VR / 3D content creation tool published on AWS (Amazon Web Services). The best feature is that no special software is required. 
3. ARToolKit
“ARToolKit” is an image recognition type AR development tool developed by Japanese people and is provided by ARToolworks. It can also be incorporated into your own application, and if you use an ID marker, you can read hundreds of thousands of patterns. 
4. Google ARCore
The AR framework “Google ARCore” provided by Google is a tool made for Android devices. You can build AR content with just a camera with a built-in smartphone and a motion sensor without the need for a special device.

Is my phone AR capable?

Smartphone apps that use Augmented reality apps technology are expanding not only in the entertainment field and retail stores but also in the education field.
For example, in the “Constellation table” app, when you point your smartphone at the night sky, the constellations expressed in 3DCG will be projected on the actual sky by the GPS function.
The smartphone game “Pokemon GO” made AR familiar to us. You can see “Pokemon” that appear in the real world through your smartphone camera, catch them and make them friends.

What are the dangers of AR?

The possibilities of this technology are mixed with the danger that malicious software tricks us into seeing things that are not there and could even threaten people’s lives. We must start working on security challenges before it is too late.


The augmented reality app for education, promotion, marketing, and development of breakthrough services. Please consider developing an AR system by referring to the tools introduced this time. In that case, not only select the type of augmented reality suitable for the service and estimate the development and operation costs but also properly handle personal information and specify the terms of use.

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