9 Top Free Clock and Weather Widget for Android 2023

On Android, clock and weather widgets are the most popular widgets on a home screen. In addition, it is easier to see compared to the time and weather on screen. It conveniently shows you the combination of time and weather forecast for a whole day.

A free clock and weather widget for android is essential for modern users. Using these widgets, you’ll instantly know without asking Google when to bring and not bring an umbrella.

Android users are aware of the latest clock widget and options for customization at their fingertips, allowing them to use it according to the device size, display, and requirements. But the most famous clock widgets include weather information and time details with their additional functionality. In recent technologies, updates on widgets play a crucial role in in-app settings, calendars, Clocks, Weather, to-do lists, etc.


If you’re looking to give your smartphone an aesthetic makeover and keep track of time, you can check out these best free clock and weather widget for android.

1. Chronus

*Source- Google Play

Chronus is a very admirable widget app that includes stuff for a calendar, Weather, missed calls, clock, Gmail, text messages, and other things. The widgets are customizable and straightforward. It can also add other attractive widgets on the lock screen and display several options for the user to choose from. It will include the following:

  • Calendar Events
  • General Appearance
  • Time Panel
  • Clock and Alarm
  • Google News
  • Gmail

All options are customizable, and you can add them to your lock screen. The Chronus clock widget is needed to try out your android device for its features.

2. 1Weather

*Source- Google PlayGoogle Play

1Weather is mainly a weather app that allows you to view the time and share the current weather situation on social media. It has many features, including a 10-day forecast, authentic feel, temperature, a 12-week forecast (mostly accurate), a radar, etc. It also gives you the chance of rain.

 Depending on your taste, you can also have the widget in various forms. Whether you want a small widget or a huge one, 1Weather will adapt. You can change the text color and the background opacity, and it comes with a live-weather theme. When this theme fit’s on your home screen, you can adjust the widget to fit it across the top of the home screen.

3. Sense Flip Clock and Widget

Sense Flip Clock and Widget
*Source- Sense Flip Clock and Widget

Sense Flip Clock and Widget is entirely free of advertising, and the best android weather widget comes in three widget sizes (4×1, 4×2, and 5×2). It’s equipped with a weather forecast widget and a digital clock and features customization options, actual clock flip animation, custom widget clicks actions, support for weather, and more. It also gives you several designed widgets to choose from.

There are different fonts, weather icon skins, and so on, and it gives you more detailed information like humidity, pressure, sunrise and sunset time for your current location, and rain chances. It is like a weather station for your mobile phone, in essence.

4. AccuWeather

*Source- Apkpure

The AccuWeather app is an amazing tool for anyone looking for weather information. The app allows users to see current conditions, forecasts for the next few days, and advisories for the next few hours. Naturally, it gives the daily forecasts with high accuracy, a radar, the date and time, current conditions, and sharing options. If that’s not enough, it allows you to view the current temperature and your local weather news. You can adjust the theme, time and date, text color, and even background opacity.

5. Sectograph

*Source- Google Play

Sectograph is a calendar app that attaches a clock to the Weather. This android weather widget looks very colorful and different from the other widgets you usually see, but it is set to hours instead of days. This unique widget, Sectograph, works excellent, and it is something different.

6. 3D Clock Widget

3D Clock Widget
*Source- Google Play

3D Clock is another best android time and weather widget specially developed to track the time and comes in a silver style that makes your phone’s interface adorable. This widget looks elegant yet simple with customizable color and transparency. This widget provides four different sizes: Large (3×3), Medium (2×2), Small (1×1), and Huge (4×4). Choose the desired transparency level, select your favorite color, and see your fantastic phone.

7. Cute Clock Widget

Cute Clock Widget
*Source- Google Play

This Cute Clock Widget suits your cheerful and sweet personality. Cute Clock comes with a pinkish floral and natural theme, allowing you to open up the princess’s side of you with its 25 different designs.

8. Analog Clock Widget

Analog Clock Widget
*Source- Goole Play

With this Analog Clock, you can personalize your home screen, which looks beautiful, simple, and exceptionally useful for tracking your time. It comes in two sizes: 2×2 and 3×3 sizes, and lets you adjust the correct size based on your screen size. 

9. Today Weather

Today Weather
*Source- Apple Store

Today Weather is the highest-rated Android clock widget of all time. Everyone loves how valuable and clean the weather widget is. It is the best for being accurate, fast, and exceptionally reliable.

Without these, you can try these free clock and weather widget for android –

  • Cute Clock Widget
  • Digital Clock Widget
  • Minimal Clock
  • OEM Clock Widgets
  • Will Graham Clock Widget

If you want to check the weather using Google, you can get the Google weather app on your phone:

A: Open Google on your phone.

B: Click the weather icon in the Discover tab. 

C: Press the three-dot button and Select the Add option.

Then the shortcut will show up on your home screen and become your own Google weather widget android.

Clock is one of the most customizable widgets to showcase your Android interface. Many choices are available. As more developers develop their clock widgets with different functionalities, choosing a free clock and weather widget for android becomes tough. 


How do I install widgets on Android?

If you want to install widgets on Android, you have to follow a few steps: –
1. Hold your finger to the phone’s home screen; then, once it appears, tap Widgets to add a widget.
2. By keeping your finger, resize it to the widget and drag the dots around.
3. Move the widget to it and carry it around the screen by holding your finger.

What are the different types of widgets available in Android?

There are four types of widgets: collection widgets, information widgets, hybrid widgets, and control widgets. 

What is the difference between a widget and an app?

The main difference between a widget and an app is that apps are maybe a single program or a collection of several programs designed to serve multiple purposes. They start working when the user opens them by tapping on the icon. In contrast, widgets are self-contained mini-programs or small apps designed to perform only a single task, and they can also be an extension of an application to make the tasks easier.

Do widgets drain the battery?

Yes, widgets consume a certain amount of battery.

Do widgets use ram?

Yes. Many widgets are updated every few minutes via the Internet, which consumes available RAM.


However, not all weather and clock widgets work well. Some old widgets no longer fit well with today’s mobile phones, so I listed some workable clock widgets with various functions. Most of the free clock and weather widget for android on this list are transparent to blend well with your smartphone’s wallpaper. Most of these apps are free to download, but you will be able to unlock the special features with the help of in-app purchases

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