3 Peculiarities of Offshore Mobile Development to Be Aware of

Mobile Development

It’s a common misconception that offshore mobile development is the same as outsourcing, and there are multiple factors to consider when choosing to outsource to a foreign business.

Working with an offshore team can be a great decision — it can reduce production costs, expand your reach, and open your business up to bright opportunities.

But offshore mobile application development has become a Thing, and more and more companies hire offshore mobile app developers to fill gaps found in their in-house teams or simply to create more opportunities.

In this article, we’ll come across a few interesting facts about mobile development offshore that you need to know before you actually do this kind of business.

But first…

What is mobile offshore development?

Offshore development is a big part of IT companies today, but what exactly is it? Offshore development (and mobile offshore development in particular) is the process of having projects completed by a team based outside of your business’s country or region.

By choosing this option, you’re able to get work done at a fraction of the cost while increasing overall productivity.

Offshoring mobile app development DOES save you money

Offshore development can be a great way to save money on labor costs, equipment, office space, and more. When done correctly, it can make you get your product to market faster and with fewer headaches. But there are a few things to keep in mind before you go down this route.

  • Do not pick the cheapest option – picking a cheap option may sound tempting, but it’s not one or two companies that have failed to recruit quality partners because of low-balling.
  • Avoid picking boutique agencies – boutique agencies might offer you good offers, but they don’t have the capacity to scale, which might be a severe problem in the future.

Working with an offshore mobile app development company saves you time

Offshore mobile development companies can save businesses a lot of time and hassle by taking on assignments and tasks. This can be a great way to offshore certain work, freeing up employees to focus on other areas.

In addition, working with an offshore company can provide access to a larger pool of talent and resources. As a result, companies can turn their steps toward marketing campaigns and find more leads and, eventually, clients. Here, you can find a bit extra on how you can improve your efficiency.

However, you should beware of a few things:

  • Do not entirely give out control of the projects – giving full control of your projects to your partner is a foolish move that might result in a worse outcome and total chaos.
  • Use your time efficiently – very often, when offshore developers take up their assignments, your teams might not focus on core functionalities. It’s your task to fulfill your employees’ schedules.

Offshoring app development lets you scale

Offshoring mobile development can help you scale your business. You can get more resources when you need them and then scale down, which can improve your bottom line.

Additionally, by expanding your development team to include offshore resources, you can tap into a larger pool of talent and skills. But really, having the option to acquire more resources when needed and offload when not is one of the best things that offshoring can offer.

However, let’s face the truth:

  • Don’t expect to see immediate changes – just because you can change the staff doesn’t mean you can expect things to amend with the snap of a finger. Instead, you should plan your next change carefully, be it “hiring” or “firing.”
  • Don’t ask for too many resources – while it may sound tempting to kick off fast, you don’t have to acquire too many resources and then offload. Finding the balance is crucial if you’re to succeed.
  • Make sure you have a clear vision – scaling is about planning. If you don’t make your correct plans, you might miss out on many opportunities.

Final words

Offshore mobile development can help you scale your business and profit from it. However, you should not attempt to make such steps without thinking about them carefully. Still, it’s a great move to offshore some of your team, as you can greatly benefit from it.