4 Best TV Guide App for Android

In the advanced technology world, people are using smartphones for various purposes. 

With the help of new technology, the lifestyle of the people has changed innovatively. The smartphone plays an integral part in all aspects. There are millions of applications that are operations all over the world. For example, many TV guide apps are available in the play store. With the help of guiding applications, the users can gain core benefits. 

There are millions of services available in the online platform in the new streaming world, but the users should use more reliable, reputed, and trusted platforms. So they can gain more benefits. Many TV shows and movies are broadcasting to entrain the users in their leisure time. The TV guiding applications are essential to figuring out where to watch when and how to watch more overwhelming than ever. There are numerous listing sources and high-quality streaming services are available in aggregators. However, it has not been a one-stop-shop for millions of audiences that they will watch all streaming TV and linear until now. 

Presenting TV Guide:

There are numerous TV guide apps available on online platforms. The new TV application boasts and guides websites considered an excellent robust catalog of TV movies and shows. They are fully integrating streaming entertainment by continuing to serve millions of viewers all over the world by subscribing the live TV. The application is designed with special features, and it is available for Android as well as iOS. The particular focus on TV guiding and shifting to streaming gave the application a complete overhaul, and it was introduced with specially designed shiny innovative features. There are May TV guide apps Android with top-notch accessibilities for the users. The TV guiding applications enable many effortlessly, some of them are

  • Check the personalized listing by arriving at the user’s favorite live TV channels.
  • To discover the new movies as well as shows from numerous channels and 35+ streaming services
  • The users can update their favorite movies and shows by adding them to their watch list in the right manners
  • The user can find out a different way to watch their favorite TV show and movies
  • The users can watch exploring upcoming airings, recent episodes, and they can also watch trailers.

There are millions of applications that are helpful to link with entertainment apps with the Android and iOS ecosystem seamlessly. While installing the applications, the TV guide detects streaming services should be installed, and it suggests the users add them to their accounts. The applications users different personalize information to show movies and show recommendations, and it is helpful to pick the excellent services streaming. 

4 Best TV Guide Apps For Android:

There are many TV guiding applications for Android. Some of the most famous reputed applications are 

  • HOBI
  • Series Guide
  • TV Listing
  • UK TV Guide

1. HOBI:

Are you looking for TV guide applications for older people and children? Then, use the Hobi app specially designed with excellent choices with top-notch features. For example, the users can search 50,000 shows, which may also include numerous TV series, shows, and movies in Hobi. There are also different tabs like recent as well as trending for excellent navigation inside the applications. In addition, the users can add their reminders, and they can get a notification.

Types of apps


The series guides are one of the most famous and popular TV guide applications. It offers much unique functionality to its users. The users can keep track of their watched episodes, get a notification and find the movie to watch. Moreover, they ensure series guides which are essential to enable the syncing across the devices, and the watch list remains protected.


It is the essential TV guide app that works innovatively. It has many core benefits the users can gain. First, the users can know their TV shows listed for the upcoming seven days. Second, the application has calibrations with all major TV channels as well as networks. Third, it can run without any internet connection for a certain period.

Types of apps


The UK TV Guide is an excellent android application with numerous special features with major TV channels. The application shows the list of programs with current updates. It has the best unique aspects like searching the users’ favorite shows and movies. 

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