9 Well-Packed Quilt Design Apps In 2023

Quilting needs detailed sewing techniques and a lot of artistic flairs. Designing your quilt used to mean doing plenty of maths to figure out the pattern for each block and calculate how much material you need. These days, you can effortlessly find fabric calculators for quilts to take the burden of all those calculations off your shoulders!

The quilt design app gives quilt block templates and equipment to develop your own unique blocks. Most quilt design software also performs estimations to help you size the quilt and pay for your fabric. Some quilting apps even offer a preview of what your complete design will look like after you snap an image of your material.

In this article, you will understand what a quilt design app can do for you. You will also find information about the most prominent quilting apps for Android, Windows and Mac. Finally, you will get tips on using quilting software to take your quilts to the successive level!

What is Quilt Design Software?

Quilt design software is a computer project that enables you to design quilt blocks in a simple, creative way that doesn’t need a wastebasket full of crumpled-up graph sheets! Most quilting software also gives a range of other tools, encompassing choices for developing the quilt layout, selecting the quilting stitches, or even visualizing the finished quilt.

It’s cool to see a mock-up of your quilt, but the most beneficial part of these programs is their rapid analyses. For example, suppose you want to create a Churn Dash quilt block. This layout looks kind of like the diagram of a square with triangles at each corner. How do you estimate those triangles so that they exactly match up with the nook of the square?

If you cut out a too-large triangle, it will hang out over the perimeter of the square and look nutty. If the triangle ends up even half a centimeter too tiny, it will settle on top of the elbow of the square rather than slotting into place like a puzzle piece!

What features to look for in a quilt design app?

Here we have jotted down a few features that you need to look into in a quilt design app

Design Features

The most essential part! Each program will give numerous choices for designing both a quilt and the blocks that make up that quilt. This criterion calculates the power and ease of utilizing the programs to develop your quilt.

Usability/Learning Curve

Each of these procedures will require a bit of time to understand how to utilize them. This section will estimate the difficulty of understanding how to utilize these programs. This is a considerably subjective criterion, so mileage may vary.

This will also estimate how easy the program is to utilize after understanding how to utilize it. This encompasses design features that enable (or hinder) use, the format of important equipment, labelling, and further.

Printing Options

Each of these policies will offer the choice to print user layouts, and each will give several pieces of data on those printouts. This section will discuss the alternatives that are available when you print the layouts to take to a local quilt shop!


This section will calculate the support features accessible for each program. It includes onboard assistance features, the company’s support policy, online tutorials, and help videos.

Onboard Options

Each program will come with various pre-generated blocks and pre-loaded materials. This section will also cover the process for uploading new fabrics and the choices for doing so.

Price and Value

Neither of these programs is reasonable. This section will distinguish the price of the program with its value, as classified by these criteria.

9 best quilt design apps 

Here is the list of 9 best quilt design apps for Android available today, encompassing both free and paid choices, so you can begin crafting that following quilt project of yours in no time at all!

1. Quilting Calculators

Quilting Calculators
Google Play

One of the favourable and most prominent quilting apps on android is Quilting Calculator. With over 100K downloads and boasting a rating of 4.7 stars, this app has satisfied people’s choices since it was released back in 2011. 

The app gives you calculators, with US and metric quantities. It is developed by expert quilters that provide you with the right equipment which can be utilized effortlessly and figure out how much material is required for various types of techniques/areas like borders, Backing, Square-in-a-square, Battling, Corner triangles, and set-in.

The essential fact about Quilting calculators

This quilting design application has 8 quilting calculators, such as :

  • Piece Count Calculator
  • Material Measurement Converter
  • Authorization and Batting Calculator
  • Pieces to Yardage Area Calculator
  • Border Calculator
  • Binding Calculator
  • Square-in-a-square calculator,
  • Set-in and Corner Triangle Calculator.

 2. Quilting Tutorials by MSQC

Quilting Tutorials by MSQC
Google Play

Quilting Tutorial by Missouri Star Quilt corporation is an unrestricted quilting app on the play store with various free tutorials accessible. 

This unrestricted quilting design application from Jenny Doan of the Missouri Star Quilt group is liked by numerous people and downloaded by more than 50,000+ people on android (Play Store).

This quilt design app gives hundreds of quilt structures and layouts that you can select from no matter if you are a learner or a specialist in it. Sewing becomes fun when you learn from this unique app.

Few essential facts about Quilting Tutorials by MSQC

  • There are original tutorials always updated and the download is 100% free. 
  • The application is also dealing with the world’s biggest choice of precut fibres at very low costs.
  • The day-to-day deals are approximately 30%-100% off! So once you have downloaded the application, head over to their website which is www.missouriquiltco.com, and get some of the profitable sales online.

3. Quilt Space

Quilt Space
Google Play

Quilt Space is a very popular quilting app. Very genuine to its name, this app is an area for all the serious quilters to come together and develop a community to teach one another. 

This quilt design app is an area where you can connect to people from anywhere in the world and start a video conference and understand everything there is about quilting. There are also quilting workshops held from time to time for the spectators to master this art.

Few essential facts about Quilt Space

  • This is an amazing place to meet folk who are just like you and develop a safe domain where you can make colleagues from everywhere around the world.
  • The app also updates you about the quilting workshops that are going to take place nearby you.
  • A very fresh and modern application that was developed almost a year ago but has generated its mark amongst quilters.

4. Quilt Cat

Quilt Cat
Google Play

Quilt Cat is not like your regular quilting app which you locate online. This application will instruct you in a very unique manner.

It is highly advised for learners as well as people looking for effortless quilting methods because here you are not required to do the calculation while cutting fabrics. 

This quilting design application is computerised in such a way that you just have to make your blueprint and the estimations are done by the application automatically.

Few essential facts about Quilt Cat

  • You can similarly fabricate your blocks and stock them in catalogs.
  • There are numerous ready-made designs to make your work effortless.
  • This app was developed nearly a year ago in April 2019 but since then it has earned popularity and developed almost 10,000+ downloads on the play store.

5. How to Quilt (Guide)

How to Quilt (Guide)
Google Play

An application that will guide you from the basics i.e. the very preliminary phase where you wish to begin quilting till you are a professional in this skill. 

This application will walk you through each step, starting from choosing the perfect fabric to evolving as an expert, they will assist you through it all.

Few essential facts about How to Quilt (Guide)

  • This quilting app is developed in such a way that it will make your first-time quilting an incredible experience with numerous simple projects by breaking down the system into simpler steps for satisfactory understanding.
  • Even though you might think quilting is a complicated procedure, once you complete one project you will start to understand how straightforward it was.
  • So, if you are willing to begin quilting today, head over to your app store and download this application now!

6. Patchwork DIY

In Patchwork DIY you develop your fashionable quilts from hundreds of layouts. There are a ton of structures to understand and the most popular ones are pillows, backpacks, quilts, and so many others. 

This DIY will support you to save your money and do it all by yourself where you do not throw away the remaining fabric from your clothing but instead utilize it in patchwork and develop beautiful items from it.

Few essential facts about Patchwork DIY

  • This is a form of recycling where you are also developing stunning artwork.
  • The varied types of videos shown on this are Bedspreads, Bags, Cushions, Gifts for your pals and family and so many structures that it gets unthinkable to end creating.

7. Patchwork & Quilt Ideas

Patchwork and quilt ideas are a step-by-step discovering application. This application allows you offline service as well where you can, however, view all the images from the gallery. 

There is moreover a monthly update of all the fresh patterns and pictures plus ideas. You can just connect your social media to this app and share your artwork with your pals and family.

The essential fact about Patchwork & Quilt Ideas

The application offers numerous amazing features that make it stand out from the rest. Some of those features are :

  • quilt magazines
  • patchwork fabric
  • quilt structure
  • quilt patterns for learners
  • free quilting, suggestions, recommendations, etc.
  • patchwork apps

8. DIY patchwork making sewing stitch patterns

An extraordinary app for people who are looking forward to understanding quilting and patchwork from home. 

This application is incredible for home DIYs where you understand to make various home craft projects and the step-by-step tutorials support you through it.

Whether it is your pillow or your sheet, this app will provide you with tutorials to make these home materials fancy and stylish.

Few essential facts about DIY patchwork making sewing stitch patterns

  • There are numerous designs and diagrams accessible on this app from which you can understand.
  • The graphic pictures in this application will provide you with a decent idea of what you are developing.
  • This quilting design app is a considerable stop for all you homemakers.

9. Quilt and Patchwork Design

Again, this a very effective quilting design application that is open and shows you cost-effective strategies to reprocess your cloth and develop an amazing patchwork from it.

This application is exclusively made for that and will guide you through it. The application designers say that a patchwork is not a waste but a chance to create. To develop something of value and use the patchwork in it.

Few essential facts about Quilt and Patchwork Design

  • The rags can be used as handicrafts.
  • This way you can develop fundamental things for your help like a television cover and refrigerator lid or you can compose something of higher value using a similar technique.
  • This application will prepare you for the basics as well as the luxurious things which are given rise to with a similar procedure.

Final words

Quilting is an impressive form of art that you can perform for yourself and others. This skill is helpful for individuals who want to understand it as a pastime or make money out of it.

You can develop thousands of structures and generate numerous suggestions where you will learn and develop beautiful stuff every day.

If you don’t intend to create hundreds of quilts a year or do more than play with color palettes, though, you may not require that elaborate policy.

And, as a note, we have listed only a few quilting programs available online or offline in Android and iOS software. There are several free quilting apps to check out that are present in the play store or app store. Do check them out and find the best quilting app according to your preferences 

Lastly, these aren’t certainly in a certain order but instead just a list for you to dig into!

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