Top 10 Bathroom Design Apps For Android and iOS 2023

Bathroom design needs more experience because a bathroom is an essential part of a building, and it includes various other elements like plumbing, electric connection, and sewage lines. Only a few spaces are for the bathroom in every building, so these designing applications will help make the perfect bathroom setup in a small area. There are many popular Room sketcher bathroom designer apps available on Google Play Store and App Store. You can choose the best one for you according to your needs

These design apps help create compact and perfect bathroom designs. People can select their bathroom design app according to their needs and space availability. Each design app will have unique features than one another. In these apps, people can also buy products for bathroom design with many exciting offers and discounts. It will help make a virtual plan for the bathroom to work.

Best bathroom designing apps for Android and iOS

There are many kinds of bathroom designing applications available, and from them, only a few are helpful and available for no cost. These apps are available on all sorts of digital platforms. By using these design applications, people can make expert-level designs by themselves. While designing, people can implement all their requirements virtually to the virtual design platforms. Those best bathroom design applications are

  1. SmartDraw
  2. Room sketcher
  3. Villeroy&Boch Planner
  4. DreamPlan Home Design
  5. Planner 5D
  6. Tile3D
  7. ArtiCAD
  8. Room ToDo
  9. DIY
  10. American standard

These are the top ten best bathroom designing applications that help design and buy good products for the area. Each application will have advanced mobile-based technologies to enhance the virtual experience.



Most people who redesign their bathrooms use this mobile application for a practical and compact design with ample space. It can work on any device with a proper internet connection for downloading and sharing appropriate symbols, shapes, and even some projects. All the project starts with the basic template, and the user can alter it with their needs. This app works with the primary drag and drops features.

The output for this work will be in PNG format or PDF format only. The user can send them to their MS office or other applications. People can share with others by connecting with sharing applications. This mobile application offers a subscription, but before buying, the user can use it if they like the product they can buy them. These are the features of the SmartDraw application.

Room sketcher

This application work with the drag and drop option. Using it, the user can drag and drop all the tools to make floor plans for the bathroom. This app will have all parts like windows doors and other products virtually. So the user can drag them and place them on their projects. These features will help measure the room’s values for proper usage. The 2D floor plans are the main feature of this application.

Villeroy & Boch Planner

Villeroy & Boch Planner

This application is a product of ceramic products company, and now they are also providing digital bathroom design service for free. This application helps find the perfect matching ceramic products for the bathroom plan. This Villeroy&Boch Planner has much virtual planning and virtual implementation features, and this app will provide all the products and no charge for its services. These are the features of the Villeroy&Boch Planner app.

Dream Plan Home Design

This application is well known for its work capacity and many pre-designed projects. All the processes in this app will be short and straightforward to use. It has a user-friendly interface with attractive features. The user’s work is to download the project and start the drawing process for the plan. This app will help trace the project’s blueprint to add additional tasks to create a complete virtual bathroom design.

After completing the overall design, people can get their output as either blueprint of 2D or 3D formats. This dream plan home design is a free bathroom design app with advanced design features. This application will take about 26.1MB of disk space to run. This application is available on both Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. These are the primary features of the Dream Plan Home Design application.

Planner 5D

Planner 5D

This application is different from all other design applications because this app is mainly for amateurs. This app contains many pre-designed projects to help people, and it has many 2D and 3D design tools for users. This application is available on iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows platforms. People can browse to find required floor plans and design options. This application is available in the above nine different languages.

There are many tutorial options available with this mobile application, and it will conduct weekly interior design battel for designers all over the world. The winner will get exciting prizes. This application has many communities for designers. It is entirely free to use, but people interested can buy updates with money. These are the features of the Planner 5D application.


The creators of this application state that this app can quickly make a 3D model project for all kinds of projects. This application is helpful for interior designers and remodeling works. This app can create blueprints or layouts in any area. This app itself has tutorial videos for learning about designing and about the usage of this app. This application needs at least 2GB of disk space to run this application. These are the features of the Tile3D application.


This ArtiCAD has various project files with kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom designs. This application is a free design software with multiple advantages, and this app has numerous tools for designing the project in the virtual platform. ArtiCAD has various communities with creating experts. This application has three options: buy a license for usage, lease the app, or pay for monthly subscriptions. These are the features of ArtiCAD applications.


Room ToDo

The Room ToDo application is innovative with several advanced design tools and products. Using this application doesn’t need any professional skills. Anyone can use this app to create designs and floor plans. This app provides a 3d view after completion so the user can ensure the proper fit of the products and the perfection of the floor plan. These are the features of the Room ToDo application.


The term DIY refers to do it yourself. It is a user-friendly software for bathroom design with various bathroom and other floors related products. To work in this app, the user needs to know about the dimensions of the work area so it will be easy to create the virtual work area. This application requires only a few minutes to make all the plans and layouts. This application is available on all kinds of platforms, and these are the features of the DIY application.

American Standard

This application has an accessible interactive bathroom and other room designer tools, which is beneficial. This application is mainly for experts and designers who work with floor designing and planning. After completing all the plan works, the users can download the work as 2D or 3D designs in this application. This app involves some professional results before downloading, and these are the feature of the American Standard application.

Bathroom designing application

All these bathroom design applications are helpful, and each one has a different working style. So people can select the best bathroom design app from all these applications for their modeling use. Use these apps for designing&remodelling and make your surroundings attractive.

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