7 Types Of Automation Testing And Benefits Of Automation Testing

The testing of the software is now the simple one for the businesses as they no need to use the manual resource. But still, there are some testing like functional or regression, but this automation testing service is accurate, and you can run it at any time. The reason for this kind of testing is that it will check whether the software is running in the correct scripts of the computer languages, and also, it will detect any of the bugs or other threats present in it. It will give the effective software as the output which is good for the further production in the businesses. These types of automation testing vary, and its details are present here.

How essential is automation testing?

The automation testing will keep the new software working according to the requirement of the businesses. The process of the software will sometimes vary due to incorrect coding and other component issues. It will deduct all these kinds of problems automatically, and then it will exhibit the types of errors that are present. It is the cost-effective one for businesses, and also this will avoid the huge loss in the end. Before you are going to make the production it is good to look for automation testing types, with the help of the QA tester, it is easy to detect and rectify the problem. The automation testing will not provide a hundred percent result, but this will deduct a few things during the first run. Therefore it is necessary for the businesses to run the automation testing process in the regular interval to make it accurate and perform as per the requirement.

Benefits Of Automation Testing

The automation testing service is the important one among the various software business as this will give the various benefits such as

  • The automation testing will save you money as this is the one time process for the users to create the test script and make it run in the regular interval. Therefore, it is the cost effective one for the users.
  • All the automation testing types are fast, and this means that it will give the chance to deliver the software testing results immediately. As a result, the testing is also more accurate.
  • Productivity is a common problem for many business people, and the business can solve this with the help of this testing process. Therefore manual work is not required.
  • Multiple tests are available for the users, and also tests the apps for the various OS at regular intervals. As a result, it is super fast and gives a good quality app with the best performance.
  • The automation testing is fast in deducting the errors and also responding to them. Thus immediate feedback is obtained, and this will save more time.

Types Of Automation Testing

There are different types of automation testing processes present. Among that top seven types are as follows:

Unit testing

 The software will contain many of the small individual components. All these kinds of components undergo deep testing, which will be quick and give immediate results. It runs before the development of any software, so this is the first phase of the automation testing. The deduction of the bad components during the initial stage will help you save more amounts. The unit testing performs in three broad categories like the black box, white box, and gray box. The black box is for testing the user interface of the software along with the input and output. The white box is for testing the functional process of the application. Gray box testing involves the execution of the test cases and test suits. Also, this will manage the risk analysis.

Integration testing

The integration testing, as the name indicates, will completely test the various unit of the application together. It means that it will deduct any of the problems in the application, and then it will further check whether the software is working according to the requirement. The testing will follow different approaches like the big bang, top-down, bottom-up, and sandwich.

Smoke testing

This kind of testing will check the functionality of the application. In case of any problem, then it will send back to the developers. Then with the help of the QA team, it is reanalyzed. The process of this testing is also called build verification testing and confidential testing.

Non-functional testing

This is one of the types of automation testing which is the combination of testing the performance, reliability, security, load, etc. It is the process of testing through functional testing, and that will give a good idea about the non-functional elements.

Performance testing

Only when the software is working at a good speed and active all the time without any issues is it considered as the good one. The immediate response is what the users will expect, and if they are getting, then the software is worth using. It is the reason that the business is trying to use performance automation testing. It is not the manual one and also gives the right result immediately.

Regression testing

This type of testing is for maintaining the working of the software in the same way even when it has changed in the coding. Therefore, it is easier for users to keep software without altering the performance even after the changes in the coding.

Keyword-driven test

The testing of the application is related to the keyword, and the action is performed according to the keyword easily. Thus the process of identifying the keyword and getting it into the corresponding action is done. Keyword-driven testing gives various benefits like flexibility, reusability, and maintenance. The testing is possible before the development of the application also.


In recent times most people have been searching for automation tools for getting the right kind of software. These kinds of tools will easily improve the productivity and revenue of any of the businesses. The automation testing is not like the manual one as this will give the complete testing process without wasting any of the time. The testing is more accurate and gives multiple testing opportunities without leaving any bugs and defects in the software functionality. The benefits and the types of automation tools will be useful for business clients.

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