How Much Ad Revenue Can Apps Generate?

The apps are available in huge numbers in the play store. It is always good for creating the best app that provides good revenue. The ad revenue will be a more interesting one for the developers. The reason is that they will get a good amount of money from the various app users. Only when the app is good, you can attract a more number of users, and that, in turn, will it be beneficial with the types of ads in the app. 

What is ad revenue?

The ad revenue is useful for the app owners to earn huge money in return. When the app users are increasing, then the promotion of the various ads will be high through rewarded ads, offer walls, interstitials, and the other playable ads. The revenue will be high when you have more app users. These kinds of ads will make them visit the advertisement, which means that the more chance of making them promote the products and services through the ad. This is the method by which the app owners are getting huge revenue.

How much money do apps make per ad?

Different types of ads are present to attract app users to promote the message. The in app advertisement revenue will always be high. The genre of apps like gaming and entertainment will use this kind of app advertisement for the best revenue. The revenue you get from displaying such ads to your users will be high. There are two types of apps one is paid, and the other one is free. The free apps are always good for providing huge revenue for the app owners. The reason is that it is used by most people, and that is the reason for it.

 You can use the various types of the ads like pop-up ads, offer walls, and others. The in-app purchases that are present in the app will be useful for getting good revenue. The gaming and entertainment apps will contain these kinds of features. The size of the audience and their demographics are the important ones for finding the perfect revenue. But even when the users are trying to use more ads, then it will also cause a shortage in the revenue. So when you want your app users to be regular and also you have to gain organic traffic, then it is better to use the limited ad. Thus this will give the good revenue gradually even after a few months. 

What is followed to calculate the revenue from the app’s ad?

The publishers and app developers will find it easy to calculate the revenue for the app’s ad. The method called the eCPM is the standard one. It is necessary to calculate the CPM for the monthly and the yearly total. This is obtained by calculating the ratio of total earnings to the total impressions, which is divided by 1000. This will give the exact revenue calculation for the app. This formula is useful for revenue calculation, and that means that you can simply find the best app genre that provides high app revenue. 

Will all the apps give the same ad revenue?

 The ad revenue will not be the same for all the apps but is an approximation. You will find the free apps will gain a good revenue than the paid ones. The apps that contain good traffic and also the ads that you are using in it will vary. The size of the ad and the frequency of ads that you use in your app, whether the genre is the game, entertainment, or the others, will give the suitable revenue. The app ad revenue will be the useful one for the developers and publishers to get the maximum amount, and also, it is the useful one for maintaining the version and the other upgrades. 

How easy is it to gain ad revenue?

Gaining good revenue is the easiest one. The main thing is that your app should be valuable and interesting. The second one is that you have to use the limited ads in the app. This is because when your app is full of ads, then it will irritate the users. This means that new users will not be obtained at the regular interval. So when you want your users to be regular and also the new users to start using it, then you have to use the limited ads. The revenue will start to increase gradually and reach the maximum position in the end, which means that the publisher or developer can earn a huge amount.

What about the average ad revenue?

The ad unit and also the genre of the app is the main thing to be considered to know about the average ad revenue. So when your app is based on gaming and entertainment, then it will earn a huge amount. But when your app is based on eCommerce and the others, then it will find a limited amount of revenue which is less than the gaming genre. The rewarded video ads will gain the average ad revenue for ads per impression of about 0.02 $. The average ad revenue for the interstitials is 0.16 $. The average revenue for the offer wall is about 2.50 $ in the US. The game genre itself will have the difference in providing the average revenue. So it is always about the audience’s interest and the ad units that are present.

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