How to Choose Your Next Productivity Calculator App?

Calculator apps are the perfect applications to perform simple and advanced mathematical functions. From mobile phones and tablets to computers, every device features a default calculator app. But, sometimes, these calculators do not prove efficient enough, and that’s when the productivity calculator app comes in handy.

Here, you’ll find the best calculator apps capable of performing all types of equations.


The auto-note-taking capability of this app allows users to share their calculations with family and friends without putting any extra effort. Its free and Pro versions are available to meet every user’s needs.

The free edition also features a fully functional scientific calculator. Its Pro edition, i.e., CalcMadeEasy Pro version, is capable of performing scientific/mathematical calculations, financial planning or decision-making, and more. 


This third-party app for macOS will take calculation to the next level with its built-in conversions and more features. Numi is a minimal, notepad calculator app with several trigonometric functions, integration with Alfred, and date and time handling.

With tech-savvy features integration, Numi uses natural-language processing for mathematical expressions, text-based equations, and numbers. Moreover, the app features a JavaScript plugin to perform advanced calculations.

Notepad++ for macOS

Notepad++ is a well-known source code editor and text editor hosted on GitHub. It supports multiple natural and programming languages. Alongside this, it has many more features that make it a powerful tool for Mac.

However, the Notepad++ macOS version is not available, and it’s so far exclusive to the Windows operating system. But, you can use its alternatives such as Coda, Komodo Edit, or Visual Studio Code that work seamlessly on macOS.



PCalc is the first choice of students, scientists, programmers, engineers, and more people looking for a featured scientific calculator. Available for Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, this is another recommended calculator with plenty of excellent features.

It includes a multi-line display, a wide range of unit conversions and constants, a variety of button layouts, and more. It provides 5 notations (normal, engineering, fraction, scientific, and accounting) and RPN mode.

Calc Pro HD

Not satisfied with the basic features available in the Windows built-in calculator? Try Calc Pro HD to enjoy some extra advantages. This calculator offers enhanced flexibility in calculations and also integrates with Cortana.

It can perform scientific and standard calculations. Moreover, Calc Pro HD converts between 8 different number bases and more than 150 world currencies. Also, it has 3000+ unit conversions in 19 categories.


The Soulver calculator app for Mac is great for simple calculator replacement. You can use numbers and words alongside each other without any mistakes. The best thing is that everything you’re doing is automatically saved for future references.

It is a notepad calculator app for Mac that provides instant answers to calculations in the text. This app can be used in several use cases as it supports numerous units. Since it stores activities, you can track any previous calculation for reference.

Sticky Calculator

Featuring a perfect blend of a memo tool and a calculator, Sticky Calculator is quite different from other calculation apps. Instead of a Numpad, you can use the keyboard to type the required expressions. This digital calculator is one of the useful apps you must have.

The app can be downloaded for free, but you can choose its in-app purchases as well. The brilliant feature of composing notes while performing calculations places it among the top positions. You can also send rough calculations to your friends. 


This is a markdown text editor that easily performs calculations you type. It uses markdown syntax for writing text. You can use it for so many computations such as trigonometric problems, currency conversion, math plotting, physics equations, and more.

It can simply differentiate between calculations and text annotations. Moreover, you can add comments. Just ensure the text is not indented and ends with punctuation. So, Calca is a multi-purpose calculator app that makes your work simple.



This is another free-to-use productivity calculator app for Windows users. It is different from others because it is equipped with a range of highly advanced features. Some of them include simplification, differentiation, and integration.

Calculator+ is available in two different themes – light and dark and has numerous variables. You can select the best as per your desire. You can store your calculations history and add new custom functions.

Calculator ∞

The calculator ∞ is one of the best graphing calculator apps for students of advanced math and trigonometry. It comes with plenty of beautiful features such as linear regression functions and an array of constants.

The app is also ideal for iPad users and can be used for all variable-based and advanced calculations. The best thing about this app is that it allows users to input equations in their original form.  

The Conclusion

When you need to perform complex equations within less time, a multi-featured calculation tool helps achieve productivity goals. Due to their tremendous use, there are hundreds of apps that are replacing pocket calculators.

Selecting between so many options may be confusing. The above-listed are the top calculator apps that will surely impress you with their basic and advanced features.

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